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What does 14K Zei mean on a ring?

What does 14K Zei mean on a ring?

ago. Additional comment actions. ZEI is Rosy Blue Jewelry Inc. and 14k means 14 karat gold. Stones are likely diamonds.

Does Kay Jewelers mark their jewelry?

Being mall-based, it offers easy access to customers who would like to browse their display. When it comes to the quality of the diamonds and engagement rings sold by Kay Jewelers, they do not meet the mark of online jewelers and many other brick-and-mortar jewelry stores.

What is the stamp for White Gold on a ring?

Stampings and Markings If you find a marking that contains the letters PT, Pt or Plat, you have found an item that is made of platinum. If you see a karat marking like K or k, usually accompanied by a number, the item is made of white gold.

What is Zei in jewelry?

ZEI. Classification Information. International Class. 014 – Precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, not included in other classes; jewellery, precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments.

Does Kay Jewelers test gold?

Our jewelers assay your gold and platinum using the highest and most up-to-date standards which have been established by industry leaders.

Can I sell my ring back to KAY?

Kay Jewelers makes a straightforward commitment to buy back your ring at the original retail price (minus taxes and shipping). The actual market price isn’t a factor in the offer and they may even be paying slightly over the actual second hand value of the ring.

Is white gold stamped 14K?

Jewelry which was manufactured in Europe, might be marked with numbers that represent the gold content, such as 585 for 14k gold, and 750 for 18k gold. If the ring is stamped with one of these alloy marks and is white in color, then it is probably white gold, and if it’s yellow in color it is yellow gold.

Who is Zei?

Zei is a whore in Mole’s Town. She is good with a crossbow.

What does 12 mean on a ring?

Understanding Markings on Jewelry

12K 12 Karat Gold
14K 14 Karat Gold
18K 18 Karat Gold
20K 20 Karat Gold

What does Zei mean in Chinese?

贼 Trad. 賊 zéi. thief traitor wily deceitful evil extremely.

What does Zei mean in Japanese?

forces, energy, military strength.

Can fake jewelry say 14k?

If the piece is real gold, the stamp should bear a manufacturer’s mark and a karat marking, such as 14K or 24K. Fake gold may bear a karat mark, but will not have a manufacturer’s mark. Also, if the piece is discolored, or if your skin turns green when you’re wearing the jewelry, it is not real gold.