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What do you eat on Gerson therapy?

What do you eat on Gerson therapy?

The Gerson diet is a strict low salt, organic fruit and vegetable diet. Each day you will need to: drink 20 pounds (about 9 kilos) of crushed fruit and vegetables (one glass of juice hourly, 13 times each day) have 3 or 4 coffee enemas and perhaps also castor oil enemas.

How do you do the Gerson Therapy?

How is the Gerson therapy administered?

  1. Drinking 13 glasses of juice a day.
  2. Eating vegetarian meals of organically grown fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  3. Taking a number of supplements, including:
  4. Taking coffee or chamomile enemas regularly to remove toxins from the body.

What is Gerson juice?

Gerson Green Juice 1 granny smith apple. ¼ medium green bell pepper. 6-8 leaves watercress. 2-3 leaves escarole or endive. 1-2 leaves swiss chard (no stem, mostly fiber)

Can you eat rice on Gerson diet?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten raw, in salads, juices and soups. From non-vegan products, only yogurt and honey are allowed. Milk and dairy products, as well as meat, are prohibited. Occasionally you may eat whole grain rice and some integral ray or oat bread.

What are the juices in the Gerson Therapy?

There are three main juices used on the Gerson Therapy: the Gerson green juice, carrot juice and carrot-apple juice. Orange or grapefruit juice is typically taken with breakfast but not required. For Type I & II Diabetes, juices and foods on the Gerson Therapy are modified.

Does Gerson Therapy really work?

Gerson therapy is not a valid or effective treatment for cancer. It should never be taken in lieu of genuine treatments like surgery, radiation therapy (radiotherapy) or chemotherapy. The Gerson regimen supposedly cures cancer through a special diet, supplements and injections of liver extracts.

Is Charlotte Gerson still alive?

February 10, 2019Charlotte Gerson / Died

After Gerson’s death, his daughter Charlotte Gerson (March 25, 1922 – February 10, 2019) continued to promote the therapy, founding the “Gerson Institute” in 1977.

Does vegetable soup count as one of your 5 a day?

Ready-made soups. Tinned and fresh ready-made soups might contain enough vegetables to count towards your 5-a-day, but it can be hard to know how much they really contain.

What is the Gerson Therapy?

Later, Gerson used this therapy to treat diseases like tuberculosis and cancer. Gerson believed that cancers and other chronic diseases are caused by changes in your metabolism that happen when toxic substances accumulate in your body. The Gerson Therapy aims to restore your health by removing toxins and increasing immunity ( 1 ).

Does Gerson therapy work for pancreatic cancer?

In fact, a study in people with pancreatic cancer found that those who received traditional chemotherapy survived 3 times longer — 14 months compared to 4.3 — than those on a diet similar to the Gerson Therapy ( 4, 5 ). High-quality studies are lacking to determine whether the Gerson Therapy combats cancer.

What are the best supplements for Gerson Therapy?

Instead, they’re intended to support your cells’ metabolic processes. These supplements include potassium, pancreatic enzymes, Lugol’s solution (potassium iodide and iodide in water), a thyroid hormone supplement, and vitamins B3 and B12. Potassium supplements are a key part of the Gerson Therapy.

How much water should you drink during the Gerson Therapy?

Instead, you’re encouraged to drink up to 13 glasses of freshly pressed juice or herbal tea per day. The Gerson Therapy is highly restrictive, banning meat, sweets, fats/oils, many common hygiene products, and even drinking water. Keep in mind that avoiding water may be dangerous. The Gerson Therapy mandates an organic, plant-based diet.