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Is trauma a mental illness?

Is trauma a mental illness?

Trauma disorders are mental health conditions that are caused by a traumatic experience. Trauma is subjective, but common examples that may trigger a disorder include abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, losing a loved one, or being in a natural disaster.

What are the 8 ACEs?

Overview of ACEs

  • domestic violence.
  • parental abandonment through separation or divorce.
  • a parent with a mental health condition.
  • being the victim of abuse (physical, sexual and/or emotional)
  • being the victim of neglect (physical and emotional)
  • a member of the household being in prison.

Where can I find more information about Child Traumatic Stress?

Visit the National Child Traumatic Stress Network to learn more about child traumatic stress (link is external). NCTSN raises the standard of care and improves access to services for traumatized children, their families, and communities throughout the United States.

What is the purpose of nctsi?

NCTSI raises awareness of the impact of trauma on children and adolescents as a behavioral health concern requiring a healing and recovery process. Learn more about NCTSI. Access information for parents and caregivers , military families, educators , health professionals , media, and others responding to child traumatic stress.

How does trauma intersect in families?

Trauma intersects in many different ways with culture, history, race, gender, location, and language. All families experience trauma differently. Some factors such as a child’s age or the family’s culture or ethnicity may influence how the family copes and recovers from a traumatic event.

Is isolation and restraint therapy re-traumatizing?

Reducing the use of restraints and isolation has been a focus of the training and activities of TICI, since these interventions are likely to re-traumatize women who are trauma survivors and cause trauma responses in women who had not previously experienced trauma” (p. 1).