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Is the search for mh370 still going on?

Is the search for mh370 still going on?

The spokesperson for Ocean Infinity confirmed the contract with the Malaysian government had ended and the search itself would end soon, probably on 8 June 2018. On 9 June 2018, it was reported that the search had ended unsuccessfully.

What pieces of MH370 have been found?

A total of 33 pieces of debris – confirmed and suspected from MH370 – have been recovered by 16 different people unrelated to each other in six different countries. This piece is the 34th and it like the others supports the theory that MH370 lies in the southern Indian Ocean.

What happened to the missing Malaysia Airlines?

The flight was not heard from again, and the plane’s 12 crew and 227 passengers are all presumed dead. In the eight years since the mysterious disappearance, no cause for the disaster has been determined and only partial wreckage has been found.

Did Malaysia Airlines find a crack in its plane days before MH370?

Malaysia Airlines found a 15-inch crack in the fuselage of one of its planes, days before MH370 disappeared. The Federal Aviation Administration insists it issued a final warning two days before the disappearance.

What did Malaysia Airlines say about families of the missing?

“Malaysia Airlines Says Priority Is Families of the Missing, Though Ticket Sales Fall”. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 3 July 2014. ^ a b c “Flight’s Disappearance Knocks Malaysia Airlines”.

What is the history of Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines traces its history to Malayan Airways Limited, which was founded in Singapore in the 1930s and flew its first commercial flight in 1947. It was then renamed as Malaysian Airways after the formation of the Malaysia in 1963.

Where does Malaysia Airlines fly?

As of March 2017, Malaysia Airlines flies to 57 destinations across Southeast Asia, North and South Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Europe. Its primary hub is Kuala Lumpur International Airport.