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How much is UW tuition per year?

How much is UW tuition per year?

In-state tuition 11,745 USD, Out-of-state tuition 39,114 USD (2019 – 20)University of Washington / Undergraduate tuition and fees

How much is University of Washington per semester?

Seattle Undergraduate Students

Budget Items Living with Parents / Relative Living on / off campus
Resident Tuition $12,242 $12,242
Resident Total Costs $21,440 $32,090
Non-Resident Tuition $40,740 $40,740
Non-Resident Total Costs $49,938 $60,588

How do I pay tuition at University of Washington?

You can pay online through a web check or credit card payment. You can also pay in person or by mail to UW Student Fiscal Services. The recommended tuition payment methods are outlined on the Student Fiscal Services Pay Tuition and Fees page.

How hard is it to get into UW?

Getting into UW is very difficult. In 2021, UW accepted 56% of all applicants, around 24,467 of the 43,778 students who applied. Schools that are very difficult to get into, like UW, accept fewer than 60% of all applicants.

How much is a quarter at UW?

*For students residing in Thurston County, the U-PASS fee is $20/quarter ($60/year)….Fees.

Fee Resident Non-resident
Technology Fee $40/quarter ($120/year) $40/quarter ($120/year)
Services & Activities fee $158/quarter ($474/year) $158/quarter ($474/year)

Is the University of Washington affordable?

Attendance Costs in 2019 – 2020 Varied Between $9,995 & $55,095. Worried about paying the full cost of $55,095 to attend University of Washington – Seattle Campus? That number can be deceiving, as the net amount most students will pay varies significantly.

Does UW give scholarships?

The UW offers scholarships in everything from academic pursuits and research activities to community service and musical talents.

Do international students pay non-resident tuition at UW?

International students pay non-resident tuition. The UW does not provide financial aid or scholarships to undergraduate international students. Undergraduate international students should be prepared to cover all expenses.

What is the best way to pay my UW student invoice?

Please ensure that you include the UW student’s full name, student number, and invoice (if applicable) in the wire. For International students and sponsors, we recommend FlyWire or Western Union as a more reliable method to make your payment.

Does the UW accept guaranteed education tuition (get)?

The UW accepts Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET). For more information on how GET (Washington state’s 529 prepaid college tuition) works with the UW, contact Student Fiscal Services. See the Office of Planning & Budgeting website for other tuition rates.

How is tuition and living expenses calculated for four quarters?

Four quarters tuition is at the Autumn 2021 rate, per the UW Office of Planning & Budgeting Quarterly Tuition and Fees files. Living expenses are calculated from the 2021-22 Student Budget Nine-Month Expenses. (Textbooks and course supplies, rent, utilities and food, personal and miscellaneous, and transportation).