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How much does it cost to build your own swing set?

How much does it cost to build your own swing set?

Materials. Pre-made playsets can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $6,500—or possibly more if you’re doing something custom. For a DIY build, you’ll need to factor in roughly $450 worth of tools and supplies, plus the cost of lumber and individual pieces of play equipment.

How do you make a homemade playground?


  1. Plan DIY Playground. This playground’s footprint is 64 square feet: 8 feet on each side.
  2. Lay Out Posts. Stake out the four post locations in a square, using the twine and stakes.
  3. Remove Turf and Grade.
  4. Dig Post Holes.
  5. Add Gravel.
  6. Plumb and Set Posts.
  7. Attach Horizontal Bracing.
  8. Set Posts in Concrete.

What tools do I need to build a playset?

Gather the required tools. For a traditional A-frame swing set, you’ll need the following: 1/2″ standard socket, 3/4″ standard socket, standard socket wrench, electric drill, 1/4″ pilot drill bit, tape measure, level, claw hammer, step ladder.

What is included in a free Playhouse plan?

These free playhouse plans include color photos, diagrams, materials, and tools list, a cut list, building instructions, and user photos. This free playhouse plan uses shipping palettes and reclaimed wood for the majority of the structure.

How much does it cost to build a play set?

If you’re looking for a basic play-set or very simple and straight forward kid’s playhouse, you shouldn’t have to pay. Like our general playground plans, you’ll find a full variety of outdoor projects, totaling fourteen wooden plans absent of any cost to you. Most will cost less than $350 to build in raw materials too.

What do you need to build a playhouse?

There are detailed instructions for building the base, the walls, the railing, and shutters, as well as the roof. Here’s a more feminine playhouse plan, The Wendy House, that includes a front porch.

What are the best upcycled Playhouse plans for kids?

The Children’s Upcycled Cardboard Box Playhouse Plan 48. The Portable Prefabicated Domed Igloo Blueprint 49. The DIY Upcycled Scrap & Pallet Wood Playhouse Plan