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How much does Flinto cost?

How much does Flinto cost?

Flinto pricing starts at $99.00 per feature, per year. They do not have a free version. Flinto does not offer a free trial.

How long is Flinto free trial?

Try Flinto, free for 14 days.

Is Flinto a window?

Flinto is not available for Windows but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Windows with similar functionality. The best Windows alternative is Figma, which is free.

What happened to Flintobox?

In Sept 2016, when we submitted our trademark documents to Google, the Amazon ads with the keyword ‘Flintobox’ was removed by Google.

What is the meaning of Flinto?

flint. noun [ C/U ] us. /flɪnt/ a very hard gray or black stone.

How do you scroll in Flinto?

Create a scroll gesture

  1. Set up one state how you would like it to appear and the end of the scroll-based animation.
  2. Select the scroll group on the initial state.
  3. Create a link from that group, to the other state, be sure to choose “Scroll” as the gesture type.
  4. In the inspector, enter a start and end value.

Which is better Flintobox or Intellikit?

As for the quality of activities, I felt Flintobox has slightly better quality in this case…not only physical quality like sturdiness etc but also quality of the level of the activity. But overall Intellikit packs more punch… delivers more money’s worth.

How do I make a prototype for free?

Free Platforms to Create Prototyping for Apps or Web Design

  1. Figma. Figma is a browser-based UI and UX design application, with excellent design, prototyping, and code-generation tools.
  2. Sketch. The sketch is a popular platform to create digital designs and prototypes.
  3. Adobe XD.
  4. Marvel.
  5. Vectr.
  6. Adobe Comp.

Where is Flinto located?

Flinto Learning Solutions, a Chennai-based start-up launched in September 2013, is the market leader in Early Childhood Education.

What is scroll gesture?

Scroll gestures can be used to create animations that are controlled by the scroll position of a scroll group. Scroll gestures are available in the behavior designer.

What do you use Flinto for?

Flinto has made working with other software like Sketch seamless. I use Flinto to finish designs and refine them by adding animations and transitions that need to be communicated to the devs. Best part is, a lot of the transitions and animations can be easily translated into code.

What is your review of Flinto class at home?

Flinto class at home has been absolutely amazing. It is so diverse, providing so many different ways to learn and my son has loved it. Always begging to do “the box”. My favorite thing about it is how little I need to prep.

On-premise app designing tool that helps individual designers create animated and interactive prototypes using real-time preview, video layers, sound-effects, custom scrolling & drawing tools. Flinto pricing starts at $99.00 per feature, per year.

What are the pros and cons of Flinto?

Pros: Flinto is a really user friendly software that allows you to create complex and sophisticated animations quite effortlessly. It integrates perfectly with other softwares, and runs just like a native app on your phone.