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How hard is Cassin Ridge?

How hard is Cassin Ridge?

Twelve full pitches of 60 to 65-degree hard ice with occasional mixed rock climbing lead to the crest of the ridge at 13,400 feet and the first bivouac on the narrow Cassin Ledge.

Is Denali a technical climb?

With no rock or vertical ice climbing, the route is not considered a highly technical climb. However, the physical environment of Denali presents much of the climbing challenge: miles of heavily glaciated terrain, extremes of temperatures and weather, and climbing and living at altitude.

How do you prepare for climbing Denali?

Five Months Before the Climb Focus on increasing the length on your endurance workouts. Spend 5-7 hours per week doing general endurance training, starting to focus more on hiking / running / snowshoeing if possible and less on other exercises such as biking. Work up to a 2 hour-long workout at an easy pace each week.

How do I get my gear cached for my Denali Trek?

If you are climbing the Muldrow Glacier and wish to have your gear cached in advance of your arrival, contact Denali Dog Freight Expeditions (907-683-1008). Expeditions approaching from the north side of the Alaska Range needing to haul in freight may contact Denali North Side Supply (360-313-7038 or [email protected]).

Where can I learn more about climbing Denali?

Check out back issues of Climbing Magazine and Rock & Ice Magazine for articles giving guidelines geared for recreational climbers. Climbers interested in more detailed discussions of Denali’s routes should consult High Alaska or the Mount McKinley Climbers Handbook.

Why do people climb Denali?

Because of its notorious weather and ease of access, some climbers use Denali as a training ground for climbing the 8,000 meter peaks of the Himalaya and for extended expeditions in the Arctic or Antarctic.

How much does it cost to guide someone on Denali?

Some guiding services also run people up the West Rib ($8,000 for a 4 client to 2 guide ratio) and the Cassin Ridge ($18,000-$26,000 depending on the ratio). They can also rent certain gear to clients should they need it. There are dozens of books on Denali on the market, most of which are readable, a few of which are not.