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How do you unlock tofu in re2 ps1?

How do you unlock tofu in re2 ps1?

(PSX & N64 only) UNLOCKING HUNK AND TOFU To make this character playable, successfully pass scenario ‘B’ with an A-ranking using either Claire or Leon. Save the new character onto an empty slot. TOFU: To make this character playable, a total of 6 scenarios must be passed.

Is Tofu in Resident Evil 2 remake?

Tofu is a secret character from Resident Evil 2 and its remake. It also appears in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles as an enemy in the secret mode.

Why is tofu Resident Evil 2?

Apocryphally, Tofu was based on a simple polygonal model that Capcom used to test Resident Evil 2’s collision detection. Unlocking Tofu’s scenario was for survival horror experts and served as a parody of sorts of Hunk’s scenario.

How hard is the tofu Survivor?

The Tofu Survivor is not only a joke version of the minigame, but it is also the hardest mission in the game, as Tofu is only armed with a Combat Knife and a few Herbs (specifically, two Green Herbs and one Blue Herb), giving players an even harder challenge compared to The 4th Survivor.

How do I get tofu mode?

To begin unlocking Tofu Survivor in Resident Evil 2, you’re firstly going to need to beat the main game, twice over. This means undertaking the main campaign once as Claire Redfield, and then again as Leon Kennedy. After you’ve completed the campaign twice, you’ll unlock the Fourth Survivor mode.

What do you get for beating tofu Survivor?


Name How to unlock RE.NET Reward
An Acquired Taste Complete “The Tofu Survivor” extra mode with Uiro-Mochi. 3,000 REP
An Exquisite Sweetness Complete “The Tofu Survivor” extra mode with Flan. 3,000 REP
Can’t Get Enough Complete “The Tofu Survivor” extra mode with Annin Tofu 3,000 REP

What is tofu Survivor mode?

The Tofu Survivor is a talking block of tofu equipped with knives to defend itself. Zombies will bite off chunks of Tofu’s body as he takes damage. Despite the challenge, skilled “Resident Evil 2” players have figured out how to clear the modes in less than 10 minutes.

Is Hunk a villain?

HUNK is one of the few Resident Evil antagonists who remains alive, – although being the only one who is not entirely evil – others being UT Commander, Undertaker, Jessica Sherawat, Nicholai Ginovaef and Morgan Lansdale (arrested). It’s unknown if Hunk was recruited into Blue Umbrella.

Is the Forgotten Soldier true?

The accuracy and authenticity of the book have been disputed by some historians. Some of the details Sajer mentions appear to be incorrect, while other are impossible to verify due to the lack of surviving witnesses and documents.

Why is Hunk called the 4Th Survivor?

The game involves playing as HUNK and guiding him through a short segment filled with enemies while having a limited supply of items. The title refers to HUNK being the fourth character known to survive Raccoon City destruction.

How do you unlock tofu and Hunk?

This special Resident Evil 2 mode stars the enigmatic Hunk, and you’ll need to undertake a series of challenges, all against a countdown timer, in order to beat Fourth Survivor. After you’ve successfully beaten Fourth Survivor, you’ll finally unlock the Tofu Survivor mode in Resident Evil 2.

Why is Hunk the 4th Survivor?

Why is Hunk called the 4th Survivor?

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