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How do you make hot in little alchemy?

How do you make hot in little alchemy?

Little Alchemy 2

  1. Fire + Fire → Energy.
  2. Air + Energy → Heat.

What can u make in little alchemy?

Complete Element and Ingredient Combination List for Little Alchemy

Resulting Element Ingredient Combination(s)
Armadillo wild animal, armor
Armor tool, metal / tool, steel
Ash volcano, energy
Astronaut human, moon / rocket, human / human, space station / human, space

How do you make a Titanic in little alchemy?


  1. steamboat + iceberg.
  2. boat + iceberg.
  3. iceberg + legend.
  4. steamboat + legend.

How do you make a Kraken in Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2

  1. Water + Water → Puddle.
  2. Puddle + Puddle → Pond.
  3. Pond + Pond → Lake.
  4. Lake + Lake → Sea.
  5. Monster + Sea → Kraken.

Can I link my Facebook account to Pirate Kings?

In Pirate Kings, one of the biggest favors you can do yourself is linking up your Facebook account to your game, thins is due to the fact that a lot of what you do in Pirate Kings requires you to play with your friends, essentially turning the game into a multiplayer game.

Should you play Pirate Kings?

If you enjoy casual games that let you attack and steal from either friends and friends-to-be in an online pirate-themed game, then you should definitely give Pirate Kings a try.

How do you make the most gold in Pirate Kings?

Make sure you’re regularly spinning the wheel! When playing Pirate Kings, you need to ensure that you are maximizing the potential opportunities to make as much gold as you can do, and the best way of lazily doing this is by spinning the wheel as many times as the game will allow you to do so every hour.

What do you get from Pirate Kings daily bonus?

Don’t Forget To Claim Your Daily Bonus Yet another additional set of freebies you can get from Pirate Kings is the Daily Bonus which is a shot at the slot machine, and a treasure chest which you can open once every 5 spins at the slot machine.