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Do you need a 4WD for Mt Augustus?

Do you need a 4WD for Mt Augustus?

This route requires a 4WD and will take you through some gorgeous outback towns, incredible natural wonders, amazing hikes and trails, and in season, through a myriad of wildflowers.

Is the road to Mt Augustus sealed?

Mount Augustus is a two day drive from Perth via Carnarvon or Meekatharra. The park is 465km from Carnarvon via Gascoyne Junction. The 172km road between Carnarvon and Gascoyne Junction is sealed but all other roads in the area are unsealed.

Is Mt Augustus sacred?

Mount Augustus is a huge rock in Western Australia that has often drawn comparisons to a more famous landmark, Uluru. Known as Burringurrah to the local Aboriginal people, it too has been a sacred site for thousands of years.

Can you drive on Mount Augustus?

Access. Mount Augustus Tourist Park is 430 km from Carnarvon via Gascoyne Junction and 360 km from Meekatharra. Roads are gravel but suitable for two wheel drive vehicles. Roads may be closed or substantially damaged after heavy rain.

Is there phone reception at Mt Augustus?

There is no Telstra reception at Mt Augustus, but there is Optus (a rare occurrence!) If you need your mobile phone fix you can grab an Optus SIM at the shop in the Tourist Park. It’ll set you back $10 and comes with call time and 5gb of data.

What can you do at Mount Augustus?

Attraction Mount Augustus Marvel at the world’s largest monocline. Twice the size of Uluru, Mount Augustus rises from the rust red plains of the Golden Outback. Let ancient rock art transport you back in time, and have your camera ready to capture a kaleidoscope of colour come sunrise and sunset.

Can I take caravan to Mt Augustus?

Mt Augustus: no camping is allowed in the national park but there are powered caravan sites and basic cabins available at Mt Augustus Tourist Park, with great views of the rock.

Is Mt Augustus bigger than Ayers Rock?

The rock itself is about eight kilometres long and covers an area of 4,795 hectares within Mount Augustus National Park. The granite rock that lies beneath Mount Augustus is 1,650 million years old. This makes it twice the size of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and considerably older. It is also the biggest ‘rock’ in the world.

Why is wave rock so special?

Wave Rock is a granite inselberg that has been weathered over millions of years by wind and rainwater. These forces of erosion have slowly swept the rock into the deep grey, red, ochre and sandy-striped wave you see today. The colours of the rock are amazing and are caused by minerals being washed down the rock.

Is Mount Augustus worth visiting?

Despite its remoteness, Mount Augustus in Western Australia is an incredible place to visit and well worth the drive and effort in getting there. The best time to visit is from June to September.

Why is Mount Augustus famous?

Mount Augustus is the world’s largest single rock. It has a central ridge which is almost 8 kilometres long and it is estimated that the layers of rock which make the mountain are some 1,750 million years old and were originally created from sand, gravel and boulders deposited by an ancient river system.

Is Mt Augustus a monolith?

Located 320 km east of Carnarvon, Mount Augustus is the largest monolith in the world. It is 2.5 times larger than Uluru (Ayers Rock) standing 858 m above the surrounding plain and 1105 metres above sea level.

What is the difference between Mt Augustus and Uluru?

The difference between Uluru and Mt. Augustus is that Uluru is a rock monolith consisting of a single rock while Mt. Augustus is a monocline formed by a geological linear, strata dip in one direction between horizontal layers on each side.

What is the 2nd largest monolith in Australia?

There are claims that Kokerbin Rock is the third largest monolith in Australia, with Mount Wudinna in South Australia being the second largest and Uluru in the Northern Territory being the largest….

Kokerbin Rock
Kokerbin Rock Location in Australia
Location Shire of Bruce Rock, Wheatbelt, Western Australia

Is Mt Augustus bigger than Ayers rock?

Why is there a wall on top of Wave Rock?

The amazing formation is actually just one side of an entire hill known as Hyden Rock, The “wave” is just one side of it. Along the top of the wave, a low stone wall has been built that looks too flimsy for protection and too ugly for decoration. In fact, it’s there to guide rainwater to the nearby Hyden Humps Dam.

Where is Mt Augustus National Tourist Park?

The Mt Augustus National Tourist Park is 850 kilometres north of Perth and almost 500 km east of Carnarvon in the Gascoyne region. The rock was named after Sir Augustus Charles Gregory, the brother of the first European to climb to the summit in June 1858.

Is Mount Augustus Australia’s biggest Outback Park?

No, it’s not Uluru. It’s not only the biggest in Australia but also the world, and it’s located in outback Western Australia. Known as Burringurrah to the local Wadjari Aboriginal people, Mount Augustus is twice the size of Uluru at a staggering 10 kilometres long, 5 kilometres wide and 717 metres above the surrounding mulga scrub and red dirt.

How big is Mt Augustus?

Rising 715 metres above the flat plains which surround it (it is 1105 m above sea level), Mt Augustus covers an area of 4,795 hectares which makes it about twice the size of Uluru.

Is Mount Augustus similar to Uluru?

In the case of Mount Augustus there is a scree slope so it lacks the distinctive shape of Uluru although it does change colour during the day – particularly at dawn and dusk. Mount Augustus also has considerable vegetation on its slopes. There is a single reason for visiting Mount Augustus and that is to explore Mount Augustus.