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Can I write 350 words in IELTS writing Task 2?

Can I write 350 words in IELTS writing Task 2?

IELTS have set a task of writing OVER 150 words for IELTS writing task 1 and 250 for writing task 2. However, there is no upper word limit.

How do you improve bands in writing Task 2?

Top tips to improve your writing score

  1. Use your time wisely. You get 60 minutes to complete the entire section.
  2. Check the number of words.
  3. Understand the task.
  4. Organise your ideas logically.
  5. Know your approach.
  6. Think about style.
  7. Check your work!
  8. Work on your grammatical range and lexical resource.

Is it okay to write 400 words in IELTS writing Task 2?

Questioning about writing a word count of 400 in IELTS writing(assuming it to be IELTS writing task 2) states the candidate has not completely perceived the aim of the IELTS exam. Writing around 250 words is considered adequate for an IELTS band score of 9. 400 words for an IELTS writing task 2 is usually unmanageable.

What happens if I write more than 250 words in IELTS?

If you write a very long report of more than 200 words you will run out of time and may include information that you just don’t need to report on. The task prompt says in writing task 1 academic: ‘Summarise the information by selecting and reporting on the main features…’

Do examiners check word count IELTS?

Do Examiners count words? No, Examiners do not count the number of words on IELTS essays.

Can you get 9 bands in writing?

A perfect IELTS Band 9 score, a real dream that every IELTS test taker see at a certain point. Though, for a candidate from a non-English speaking nation, this might be difficult but not impossible….IELTS Band 9 Score –

IELTS Band Score Skill Level
9 Expert
8 Very good
7 Good
6 Competent

How to generate ideas for IELTS writing task 2?

Focus on the question but make it personal. Your main ideas must be relevant (clearly answer the question) otherwise your Task Achievement score will be no higher than a

  • Simple is best. There are no extra marks for interesting or complicated ideas,or for ideas that follow your real opinions.
  • Focus on your structure.
  • Practice is the key.
  • What are the best books to score 9 on IELTS?

    ielts preparing books for 9 bands. If we talk about the best IELTS prepare books for nine bands, here is the list of those books that can help you to achieve your goals and you will also get ideas for smart study and tips for higher bands.. Ace the Ielts: Ielts General Module – How to Maximize Your Score (3rd Edition) This book is written by Simone Braveman and is one of the best IELTS self

    How to write band 9 IELTS essay?

    Common mistake.

  • Why main body (supporting) paragraphs are so important and what a band 9 paragraph must-have.
  • Structure of a good supporting paragraph.
  • How to write: Topic sentence Explanations Examples
  • How to write essay in IELTS task 2?

    read the question and understand what the examiner is asking. Make sure that you understand what question is being asked.

  • think about what you’re going to write for task 2. This is the stage at which you plan the essay,but you can’t just plan.
  • writing the introduction.
  • developing the essay ideas,your approach,and your explanations.