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Can I make my own Keiki paste?

Can I make my own Keiki paste?

Keiki paste is 1 part of a chemical called 6-BenzylAminoPurine (as cytokinin hormone) mixed in 1000 parts of lanolin (as carrier). The recipe is simple and can be made at home, but one should be aware of the risks involved and take necessary precautions when handling the chemical.

Do Phalaenopsis orchids grow keikis?

Mature orchids may produce keikis for a variety of reasons. For instance, some genera, such as phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids, are prone to create keikis.

What plants does Keiki paste work on?

Keiki cloning paste is a paste that is applied to the nodes of orchids to produce new baby plantlets or keikis. The offsprings are 100% clones of the mother plant. Cloning paste can also be used to produce new growth on other plants such as Philodendron and Monstera.

How do I make my orchid grow keiki?

To propagate orchids with keiki paste, using a sterile blade, make a shallow cut on a node, or little bump, on the orchid flower stalk and apply the keiki paste. For best results, choose the node that is closest to the base of the orchid. Next, using a Q-tip spread a small amount of keiki paste to the node.

How long does it take for Keiki paste to work?

How long does it take for Crazy Keiki Paste to work? After applying Cloning paste you will start to see noticeable changes in your plant within 2 weeks. However, the health of your plant, how woody the stem is etc. can take longer to see changes.

How do you apply Keiki paste to an orchid?

How do I encourage my orchid keiki?

One way to encourage the formation of a keiki is to apply keiki paste to the nodes on your orchid. Keiki paste contains synthetic cytokinins that promote the division of cells and development of new tissues, or it may have synthetic auxins for enhancing growth.

Is Keiki paste the same as rooting hormone?

Keiki paste is often confused with rooting hormone. Keiki paste contains the plant hormone cytokinin and is used to stimulate shoot growth on stems or shrub cuttings, while products with rooting hormone contain the root-promoting hormone, auxin.

How long does it take for keiki paste to work?

How do you induce orchid keiki?

How do you propagate Phalaenopsis keiki?

Keikis can be used to propagate phalaenopsis orchids. When your Keiki has developed several leaves and roots approximately 2-3 inches in length, you can remove the plantlet from the parent orchid. Removing a Keiki from its mother too early can cause the fragile baby to die off.

Where can I buy orchid Keiki paste?

Very similar to the rest of the world, Amazon and eBay are your go-to sources for orchid Keiki Paste. Potentially some of the brands available in the US might be hard to acquire or will even be not available. Considerable shipping costs apply if you try to get a specific brand of Cloning Paste from overseas.

What is Keiki cloning paste?

Keiki cloning paste contains a hormone called cytokinin that encourages cell division. In addition, lanolin is used as a carrier medium to hold the plant hormone cytokinin and for easy application onto the plant. The lanolin gives the Keiki Cloning Paste, aa the name suggests, a paste-like consistency.

What is a keiki plant?

What Is a Keiki? 1 Keikis. A keiki is the product of asexual propagation by a mature plant resulting in an exact clone of its parent. 2 Propagation. Keikis can be used to propagate phalaenopsis orchids. 3 Repotting. Once removed, you have two options. 4 Have Caution. The spontaneous appearance of keikis is not always a good sign.