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Can I do wicket-keeping with batting pads?

Can I do wicket-keeping with batting pads?

The Wicket Keeper also wears pads; they can either wear normal batting pads, or specialist wicket-keeping pads if they find themselves regularly behind the stumps. They are similar, but shorter, and lighter to wear. This makes them easier to move around in.

Can wicket keeper keeping without pads?

No, the wicket-keeper is not required to wear pads. To quote from Law 40.1: The wicket-keeper is the only fielder permitted to wear gloves and external leg guards. (my emphasis) Note that’s “permitted” not “required”.

How should wicket-keeping pads fit?

Please ensure you measure from the top of your foot’s instep arch to the middle of the knee. Ultimately, when the pad is rested on the top of the foot, the knee roll should always be positioned over the knee.

Can we use batting pads for keeping?

The batting pads are used by the batsman during their course of batting, whereas the wicket-keeping pads are worn by the wicket-keeper while keeping.

Do wicket-keepers wear thigh pads?

Effective Method Of Wicket Keeping The law does not mention that it is compulsory for the keeper to wear external leg pads.

Which are the best wicket keeping pads?

Popular Wicket Keeping Brands

  • Gray Nicolls.
  • Gunn & Moore.
  • Kookaburra.
  • Slazenger.
  • SG.
  • CA Sports.
  • MRF.
  • Puma.

How do you measure wicket keeping gloves?

Wicket Keeping Gloves The measurement should be taken from the start of the wrist to the tip of your longest finger, in a straight line.

Do wicket keepers wear a box?

A wicketkeeper also needs the extra protection of wearing a box, gloves and pads. If you’re new to wicketkeeping then an ordinary pair of batting pads will do.

Why are Dhoni pads different?

He said, “The unique two strap design was developed so the top strap sits comfortably on the calf. The Unique moulding of the pads means an additional top strap behind the knee (as seen on conventional pads) is not necessary as our pads hold their shape without it”.

Does Sarah Taylor wear pads?

Not wearing pads to keep wicket was one, though she doesn’t like wearing keeping pads anyway. At 18, she was told she had to wear a helmet. So she didn’t. Taylor’s whippet hands kept her teeth out of trouble and continue to guard her knees and shins.

How do I know what size cricket pad I need?

To find your recommended pad size, measure in a straight line from the centre of the knee cap down to the instep (where the toungue of your shoe sits).

What is size h in cricket bats?


6 11-13 Years Old 31 3/4 inches
HARROW 12-14 Years Old 32 3/4 inches
FULL SIZE (Short Handle) 15+ Years Old 33 1/2 inches
FULL SIZE (Long Handle/Blade) 15+Years Old 34 3/8 inches