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Are clone clubs good?

Are clone clubs good?

Clone clubs are designed to perform at a similar level to regular clubs. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. In some instances, clone clubs can perform even better than their predecessors. Just because one set of clubs has a well-known name attached to it, doesn’t mean it will perform better.

Are clone irons any good?

Cloned golf clubs are not quite as strong as premium brands and offer fewer options in shaft and grip. Fast swing speeds will not play their best golf using cloned golf clubs.

What golf clubs are made in California?

Cobra Golf clubs are designed in Carlsbad, California whereafter the manufacturing is done in Asia, but final assembly and quality control are done in Carlsbad, California.

What is a 21 degree hybrid equivalent to?

What iron is a 21 degree hybrid equal to? A 21-degree hybrid golf club is equal to a 3 iron. A hybrid loft in the range of 19° to 21° corresponds to that of a 3-iron golf club. While it’s normal for hybrids to replace long irons, they can also replace your woods.

Where is Pinemeadow Golf located?

Portland, Oregon
About Pinemeadow Golf is the e-commerce site for Pinemeadow Golf Products, Inc., located in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

What golf clubs are made in Carlsbad California?

TaylorMade Golf, located in Carlsbad, produces clubs, accessories, apparel, and balls used by amateurs and professionals worldwide.

How do you avoid counterfeit golf clubs?

We’d recommend buying from a known retailer, or making sure to double- and triple-check that a third-party seller is authorized by a known platform. Manufacturers keep lists of authorized retailers — if you’re buying from someone else, you’re taking a risk. There’s a reason counterfeit clubs are cheap.

Does Ebay sell fake golf clubs?

Fake or counterfeit clubs do exist and people do sell them on Ebay. This is through a desire to cheat or in some cases through simple ignorance.

Who makes Pinemeadow?

Guy Mount III founded Pinemeadow Golf in 1985. Guy, as an independent businessman for eighteen years owned and managed several successful businesses in the insurance, cattle, and computer industries.

Where are Cobra golf clubs manufactured?

Who Makes and Where They are Made Now? Cobra Puma Golf designs all their clubs at their head office in California whereafter the manufacturing of heads, shafts, and grips are outsourced to companies in China. Final assembly and quality control are performed at the Cobra Puma Golf head office.

Is Srixon owned by Callaway?

Srixon is a brand owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. Srixon offers a full range of golf clubs, golf balls, and accessories, which are distributed in nearly all major golf markets.

What is a 7 wood equivalent to?

In terms of loft, a 7-wood is comparable to a 3 iron, typically featuring 21-22 degrees. Compared with 3-woods or 5-woods, this offers a much higher ball flight. The length of a 7-wood is typically 40-42 inches, which is about an inch smaller than the average 5-wood.

Why choose our clone Golf Club components?

We supply the latest styles and technologies in golf club components at much lower prices. Our clone golf components are of high reliable quality and most up to date styles, materials and technology.

Do you play with clones in golf?

The truth is, you may have seen friends and fellow golfers play with clones and not even realize it. Golf club clones are made from the same high-quality materials that pro line clubs are, and often in the same foundries.

Why choose Monark golf clones?

Our clone golf components are of high reliable quality and most up to date styles, materials and technology. Monark Golf is dedicated to provide you with a wide selection of high quality golf club clones at factory direct wholesale prices offering you more value.

What are the best TaylorMade clone golf drivers?

The Heater Blue Angels Titanium Driver is 460cc in size and has the largest sweet spot of any TaylorMade clone driver on the market, with an aggressive aerodynamic head shape which features drag-reducing geometry on the sole.