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Who originally wrote Call Me The Breeze?

Who originally wrote Call Me The Breeze?

J. J. CaleCall Me The Breeze / LyricistJohn Weldon “J. J.” Cale was an American guitarist, singer, songwriter and sound engineer. Though he avoided the limelight, his influence as a musical artist has been acknowledged by figures such as Wikipedia

When did Lynyrd Skynyrd Release Call Me The Breeze?

1974Call Me The Breeze / Released

What album is Call Me The Breeze?

Second HelpingCall Me The Breeze / AlbumSecond Helping is the second studio album by Lynyrd Skynyrd, released April 15, 1974. It features the band’s biggest hit single, “Sweet Home Alabama,” an answer song to Neil Young’s “Alabama” and Wikipedia

How many songs did JJ Cale write for Eric Clapton?

two songs
Legendary guitarist JJ Cale is best known for pioneering the Tulsa Sound and writing two songs (“After Midnight” and “Cocaine”) that Eric Clapton turned into huge hits.

Who wrote after midnight song?

J. J. CaleAfter Midnight / Lyricist

Who wrote a lot of songs for Eric Clapton?

Somehow, J.J. Cale never became a rock superstar, even though the great Eric Clapton once confessed that he looked up to the Tulsa-born guitarist and songwriter as a role model and Neil Young ranked his 1972 rock classic ” Crazy Mama” as the one song that most shaped his own songwriting.

Who originally sang After Midnight?

J.J. Cale
After Midnight (J. J. Cale song)

“After Midnight”
Single by J.J. Cale
Label Liberty Records (1966) Shelter Records (1972)
Songwriter(s) J.J. Cale
Producer(s) Johnny Cale

Who sang backup vocals on Lay Down Sally?

Marcy Levy, one of Clapton’s backup singers, wrote this with him and sang on it. She toured with Bob Seger before joining Clapton’s band in 1973.

Who sang Sally?

Gracie FieldsSally / Artist

Did Eric Clapton write any of his songs?

Eric Clapton has composed numerous songs over the years for his own albums. Below is a list of songs written or co-composed by Eric in alphabetical order by song title that have been officially released….Alphabetical List of Songs by Eric Clapton.

Song Title Composer(s) Album
Keep On Growing Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs

What is Eric Clapton’s best song?

Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Eric Clapton Songs

  1. ‘Layla’ Clapton’s absolute obsession with Pattie Boyd came to a boiling point when he wrote “Layla.” “I was driven by my obsession,” he wrote in his memoir.
  2. ‘Bell Bottom Blues’
  3. ‘Wonderful Tonight’
  4. ‘Tears in Heaven’
  5. ‘Crossroads’
  6. ‘Cocaine’
  7. ‘Old Love’
  8. ‘White Room’

What is the meaning of After Midnight?

Definition of postmidnight : occurring after midnight postmidnight temperatures a postmidnight snack.

Who played bass on After Midnight?

“After Midnight” was written by J. J. Cale and recorded by Clapton for his first solo album, Eric Clapton, produced by Delaney Bramlett. (Cale also recorded the song for his album Naturally, which featured Carl Radle on bass.

Who did Lay Down Sally first?

Lay Down Sally

“Lay Down Sally”
Songwriter(s) Eric Clapton · Marcy Levy · George Terry
Producer(s) Glyn Johns
Eric Clapton singles chronology
“Carnival” (1977) “Lay Down Sally” (1977) “Wonderful Tonight” (1977)

Who sang Sally in the 70s?

Gerry Monroe
Gerry Monroe (20 January 1933 – October 1989) was an English pop singer, who enjoyed brief popularity in the early 1970s….Albums.

Title Album details
Sally – Pride of Our Alley Released: December 1970 Label: Chapter 1 Formats: LP
Gerry Monroe Released: 1971 Label: Chapter 1

Who originally wrote the song After Midnight?

Who originally recorded the song After Midnight?

Who is the singer of Call Me The Breeze?

Audie Ashworth. “Call Me the Breeze” is a rock song by JJ Cale. It first appeared on his 1972 debut album, Naturally, as the opening track. The song consists of a 12-bar blues guitar shuffle and features the early use of a drum machine.

Did John Cale write Call Me The Breeze?

“Call Me The Breeze” appeared on Cale’s first solo album, a 1971 release called Naturally. He got his record deal after Eric Clapton recorded ” After Midnight ,” a song Cale wrote and recorded with his band the Leathercoated Minds in 1966.

When did Eric Clapton release they call me the breeze?

His take on the song was released under the title “They Call Me the Breeze” as a promotional single on June 30, 2014 for Surfdog and Polydor Records, accessible via digital music download. On June 6, 2014, Clapton’s management published the official lyric video with licence to Warner Bros. Records on his YouTube channel, before the album’s release.

Did Eric Clapton cover JJ Cale’s The Breeze?

For his 2014 tribute-album to JJ Cale, titled The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale, Clapton covered the song with the original drum machine sound at the beginning, saying it’s not possible to really cover Cale’s work: “You can hear the drum machine and JJ rambling at the beginning there”.