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Who is the author of Traditions of Tiguans?

Who is the author of Traditions of Tiguans?

Bibliographic Record

Author Cole, Fay-Cooper, 1881-1961
Title Traditions of the Tinguian: a Study in Philippine Folk-Lore
Language English
LoC Class GN: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation: Anthropology
LoC Class GR: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation: Folklore

What is the characteristics of Tinguian?

Tinguian life, as projected in the cycle of life-death-life after death, is characterized by the spirit of community, linkage and connectedness. They shared a common life and guided by a common precepts ( ug-ugali) as regards to politics, social, economic and spiritual life,( Fr. Leonardo Tubana).

What are the Tinguian tribe?

The Itneg (exonym “Tinguian” or “Tingguian”) are an Austronesian ethnic group from the upland province of Abra in northwestern Luzon, in the Philippines. Tinguian men of Sallapadan.

What do Badjao people wear?

Focusing on their mode of dressing the traditional attire of a Badjao is the “patadjong.” It has many uses. They are made large enough to fit any person and are used by both men and women as a skirt or gown tucked at the chest level.

What are the practices of Badjao?

Among their prenatal beliefs were beliefs on the proper behavior for pregnant woman including the husband and beliefs on the prohibition of certain foods. Badjao women believed that certain food might have bad physical or mental effect to the body, both to the mother and her child.

What is Tinguian beliefs and practices?

The Tinguian believe in the presence of spirits in their midst. These spirits, called sasailo, dwell in the natural surroundings or move among human beings, and exert influence on events and activities in human society.

What is the tradition of Badjao in the Philippines?

Badjao tradition of marriages is prearranged by the parents for their sons and daughters at an early age; the process is similar to other ethnic groups, in which a dowry is often presented to the parents of the woman that a man wishes to marry (Peralta, 2002).

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