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Who has the best electric rates in Ohio?

Who has the best electric rates in Ohio?


Supplier $/kWh Rate Type
Supplier $/kWh Rate Type
AEP Energy Inc 1 Riverside Plaza 20th Floor Columbus,OH 43215 (877) 648-1922 Company Url Offer Details Terms of Service Sign Up 0.0969 Fixed
IGS Energy 6100 Emerald Parkway Dublin,OH 43016 (800) 280-4474 Company Url Offer Details Terms of Service Sign Up 0.1129 Fixed

How much is electricity in Ohio per kWh?

The average electricity price in Ohio is 12.29¢ per kWh which ranks 26th among states. Ohio also ranks in the middle of the pack in terms of usage, with average residential usage at 873 kWh a month. The average electricity bill in Ohio is $107.30 per month.

Who has the best rate for electricity?

10 States With the Lowest Electricity Rates Nebraska currently has the lowest average electricity rate (9.43 cents per kWh) across the residential sector.

Is it cheaper to put the washing machine on at night?

The most expensive time for you to wash or dry your clothes is between 4pm and 7pm, so try to avoid using your machines between these hours. Energy prices are at their lowest between 10pm and 5am – perfect for night owls and early risers.

What state has the lowest electricity cost?

Electricity Rates By State

  • The Average Electricity Rate in the U.S. is 10.42 cents per kilowatt-hour.
  • Hawaii has the highest average electricity rate of 30.55 cents per kilowatt-hour.
  • Louisiana has the lowest average electricity rate of 7.01cents per kilowatt-hour.

What is the average electricity bill in Ohio?

Average Electric Bill in Northeast Ohio In the Cleveland-Akron-Lorain metropolitan area *, theU.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that the average price for electricity for residers is11.91 cents per kWh, which is significantly lower than the public normal of$13.71 cents.

Who has the cheapest electricity?

The electricity and natural gas provider at $4.08 per million Btu, though prices have fluctuated during the fall and winter to as much as twice the price as in February 2021. (A British thermal unit, or Btu, is a measure of heat content per energy

What is the cheapest electricity provider?

Bord Gáis Energy

  • bright
  • Community Power
  • Ecopower
  • Electric Ireland
  • Energia
  • Flogas
  • Glowpower
  • Iberdrola
  • Panda Power
  • Who is the cheapest energy supplier?

    Germany –$0.38

  • Japan –$0.29
  • UK –$0.26
  • New Zealand –$0.23
  • US –$0.15
  • China –$0.08
  • Russia –$0.06
  • Saudi Arabia –$0.05
  • Qatar –$0.03