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Where is Hogue knives made?

Where is Hogue knives made?

Known best for producing aftermarket pistol grips, Hogue is family owned and based out of Paso Robles, CA. In 2009, Hogue began their collaboration with custom maker Allen Elishewitz.

Who makes HK knives?

Hogue Knives
HK Knives, now exclusively produced by Hogue Knives, are designed and built for professionals. Whether you’re military, law enforcement, or just need a reliable everyday carry knife, HK has you covered. Made in the USA with quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

Who owns Hogue knives?

Hogue (company)

Type Private
Founder Guy Hogue
Headquarters Henderson, Nevada, U.S.
Key people Aaron Hogue, Patrick Hogue
Products Pistol grips, stocks, holsters

When did Hogue start making knives?

Hogue’s first venture into the world of knife making came in 2010 when they collaborated with knife-maker Allen Elishewitz and debuted the EX-01 folder. Elishewitz is a former marine with a background in martial arts and began knife making in 1988.

Does HK make good knives?

For more than a half century, Heckler and Koch has been a leading designer and manufacturer of military, law enforcement and civilian firearms. HK’s commitment to quality, innovation and safety makes them an industry leader in reliability and technology. This dedication continues with HK Knives. No Compromise.

What does Hogue mean?

Hogue is a Norman-French topographic name derived from the Old Norman word hogue, itself from Old Norse haugr meaning hill or mound and appears as a habitational name for locations in Seine-Maritime, Calvados, Eure, and Manche in Normandy as well as in the Channel Islands.

Is Hogue a German name?

Where is Hogue located?

Henderson, Nevada
Hogue, Inc., is an American company that manufactures and distributes firearms accessories and related products. Founded in 1968 in California, and now based in Henderson, Nevada, the company is best known for its pistol grips. Hogue, Inc. Henderson, Nevada, U.S.