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When was the last population and housing census in Ghana?

When was the last population and housing census in Ghana?

Ghana has conducted five post-independent population censuses in 1960, 1970, 1984, 2000 and 2010 with the last two consisting of both a population census and a housing census making the 2021 PHC the third Population and Housing Census to be conducted in Ghana.

What was the population growth rate of 2010?

Research suggests that population growth trends are often determined by the nation’s economic state. For example, the country’s 10-year population growth rate plummeted to just 7.3% due to the Great Depression. By contrast, from 2010 – 2010, the U.S. population grew by the percentage equivalent of 22.7 million people.

What is the relationship between population census and housing census?

The United Nations defines a population census as the total process of collecting, compiling, and publishing demographic, economic, and social data pertaining to a specific time to all persons in a country or delimited part of a country. As part of a census count, most countries also include a census of housing.

What is the population of Ghana census?

Ghana 2020 population is estimated at 31,072,940 people at mid year according to UN data. Ghana population is equivalent to 0.4% of the total world population.

How often is Population and Housing Census conducted in Ghana?

every ten years
The legal authority for conducting the 2021 PHC is the Statistical Service Act, 2019 (Act 1003), which stipulates that “(1) The Service shall conduct a census of population every ten years in the month of March.

When was the last census carried out?

2011 Census – Office for National Statistics.

What was Ghana population in the 2010 census?

The final results of the 2010 Population and Housing Census (PHC) showed that the total population of Ghana as at 26th September, 2010 was 24,658,823. The results indicated that Ghana’s population increased by 30.4 percent over the 2000 population figure of 18,912,079.

What is population and housing census in Ghana?

The Ghana 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) was conducted to provide updated demographic, social and economic data for research, policy and planning to support national development activities and to track the implementation of national, continental, and global development goals, such as The Coordinated Programme …

Why is population and housing census important?

It aids policymakers to make realistic development plans such as the provision of pipe-borne water, construction of roads, schools, hospitals, etc. Help to track the progress that have been made as a nation. A successful census is a source of national pride.

Why is population census conducted every 10 years?

Population Censuses are generally conducted every 10 years and have as primary objective the total enumeration of the population of a country to provide essential information on their spatial distribution, age and sex structure, and other key social and economic characteristics.

How many houses are there in Ghana?

The most recent official9 data on the distribution of housing in Ghana reports that there were 2,181,975 houses countrywide even though a total of 3,877,418 dwelling units or places of abode were also recorded.

How do I contact population and Housing Commission of Ghana?

POPULATION & HOUSING CENSUS 2010 POPULATION & HOUSING CENSUS SUMMARY REPORT OF FINAL RESULTS Ghana Statistical Service May, 2012 A publication of the GHANA STATISTICAL SERVICE P.O. Box GP 1098 Accra. Printed by Sakoa Press L imited Email: [email protected] Tel: +233 (0) 302 306636/ 304816

What is the 2010 Ghana census?

Population The 2010 Census was a “de facto” count and each person present in Ghana, irrespective of nationality, was enumerated at the place where he/she spent the midnight of 26th September 2010. H ousehold

What is the 2010 population and Housing Census?

PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The 2010 Population and Housing Census (PHC) is the fifth census conducted in Ghana since independence. Previous post-independence censuses were conducted in 1960, 1970, 1984 and 2000. The 2010 PHC was carried out with reference to 26thSeptember 2010 as the Census Night.

What percentage of Ghana’s population is outside of Ghana?

About 19 percent of the population was born in other regions within Ghana and less than two percent (1.3%) was born outside Ghana. Of this number, majority were born in Togo, followed by Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire.