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What should I look for in HGN test?

What should I look for in HGN test?

There are a total of three clues that can be assessed in this test: lack of smooth pursuit, distinct nystagmus at maximum deviation, and the onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees. Each eye is scored independently for three clues in each eye giving a total of six indicators/cues.

What drugs cause VGN?

A “positive” result on a VGN test could indicate that a person is severely intoxicated from alcohol, or it can be an indicator that a person is under the influence of other drugs such as CNS depressants, inhalants, or Dissociative Anesthetics like PCP.

What else can cause HGN?

Only 2 things cause Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus: Refer to NHTSA Student Manual VIII-3 The DIP Drugs (Depressants such as alcohol, xanax, valium, etc.; Inhalants, and PCP), and Serious Brain Stem Injury.

Do stimulants cause HGN?

Stimulants do not create or make HGN visible to the naked eye. There is no evidence that smoke causes HGN. In addition to stimulants mentioned above, none of the following drug types create HGN: cannibis, hallucinogens, and narcotic analgesics.

Does intoxication cause nystagmus?

Chronic cerebellar diseases and acute alcohol intoxication affect cerebellar function, inducing, among others, gaze instability as gaze‐evoked nystagmus. Gaze‐evoked nystagmus is characterized by increased centripetal eye‐drift.

What causes nystagmus DUI?

Caloric: Nystagmus is caused by movement of inner ear fluid due to a difference in temperature of the fluid between the left and right ear. This occurs by putting warm water in one ear and cold water in the other. This is not a roadside practice of law enforcement.

Does Ambien cause HGN?

Bessett testified that, although narcotic analgesics do not typically cause nystagmus, which defendant exhibited during the HGN test, central nervous system depressants, such as Ambien, Clonazepam, and other drugs, do cause nystagmus.

What is the difference between strabismus and nystagmus?

Two common ones are: Strabismus – a disorder in which the two eyes don’t line up in the same direction. This results in “crossed eyes” or “walleye.” Nystagmus – fast, uncontrollable movements of the eyes, sometimes called “dancing eyes”

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