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What necks does Nash use?

What necks does Nash use?

Necks are maple and maple with rosewood fingerboards. All necks are a 10 inch radius and have 6105 size frets (Professor’s Note: Those are my favorite size of frets.

Where are Nash guitars built?

the USA
All of our guitars and basses are handcrafted in the USA by guitar and bass players. We use only 100% Nitrocellulose lacquer and all paints are hand mixed. No plastics, polyesters, catalyzed lacquer, other wood strangling material. Nashguitars are sold exclusively through our authorized dealers.

Who owns Nash guitars?

Bill Nash
Bill Nash started his company in 2003, after many years of playing, building and restoring guitars. Today 9 people are working at the Nash company, building guitars, sold all over the world.

What is a Nash Strat?

Nash Guitars is the largest independent builder of aged Fender Stratocaster inspired instruments in the world. Bill Nash has worked tirelessly to encompass the vibe, tone, and detailed nuance of a real, loved, and regularly played vintage Strat.

What pickups does Nash use?

Lollar Nash Strat pickups are a hybrid set. They consist of the Lollar Vintage Blonde ® series in the neck and middle positions, and the Lollar “Nash” strat in the bridge. The Nash style strat bridge is a very slight variation of the Lollar Special S ® series.

How can you tell the age of a guitar body?

A quick and easy way to get the process going is to leave your guitar exposed in the sun for a couple of days. Over time, all lacquer finishes will yellow and age, which will create that vintage patina so many players crave — leaving it in the sun can help speed up that process.

What pickups are in Nash guitars?

What pickups are in a Nash t63?

It features a maple fingerboard, an ash body, and Jason Lollar hand-wound pickups. The bridge is a high quality aged Gotoh 3 Brass Compensated Saddle made from top shelf materials, and the entire guitar is given a level of wear and tear via an aging process.

How do I age my guitar naturally?

Can you use Tru oil on a fretboard?

No! Tru Oil will actually dry hard. The only thing I’d recommend on the fretboard is Lemon Oil, and get pure Lemon Oil (not full of additives). Thanks!

What Lollar pickups are in a Nash Tele?

Lollar Nash Tele pickups are also a hybrid set. They consist of the Lollar Vintage T ® series in the neck, and the Lollar “Nash” tele in the bridge.

What pickups do Nash guitars use?

What is Relicing a guitar?

Relic guitars are made to look worn, scratched, chipped and tattered even though they’re brand new. A relic finish, otherwise known as an ageing or distressing process, varies in outcome like any other hand-designed guitar feature.

What does lemon oil do for guitar?

The trace amount of lemon oil present helps clean the fretboard, and any other oils it is blended with will condition the fretboard. However, we should still only use these oils with rosewood or ebony fretboards.