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What is USML classification?

What is USML classification?

In simplest terms, the USML is a list of defense articles and services that are specifically designed, developed, configured, adapted or modified for a military application and don’t have a predominant civil application or civil performance equivalent; have significant military or intelligence applicability; and could …

What is USML ITAR?

The United States Munitions List (USML) categorizes goods and technologies governed by ITAR regulations. The USML consists of 21 categories from firearms and electronics, to vessels of war and missile technology, nuclear weapons, and biological agents.

What is the CCL list?

The Commerce Control List (CCL) is a list of categories and product groups used to help you determine whether an export license is needed from the U.S. Department of Commerce for U.S. exports.

How do I determine my ECCN number?

How to find ECCN number

  1. Talk to the manufacturer, who may already have an assigned ECCN.
  2. Look at the Commerce Control List, and work through the categories to find the ECCN which most closely fits your product.
  3. Get an ECCN online through the Electronic Request for Item Classification (ERIC) process.

What is CCL code?

Introduction. Cerner Command Language, aka CCL, aka Discern Explorer, is a database query and scripting language used with Cerner Millennium databases.

What is CCL ECCN?

The ECCN is an alpha-numeric code, e.g., 3A001, that describes the item and indicates licensing requirements. All ECCNs are listed in the Commerce Control List (CCL) (Supplement No. 1 to Part 774 of the EAR) which is available on the Government Printing Office website.

What is the USML under ITAR?

U.S. MUNITIONS LIST (USML) The first cornerstone concept under ITAR – ITAR contains a list of products called the U. S. Munitions List (USML) If your product is on this list, it is subject to these controls. This is a key concept. If your product is on the list, everything else flows from this.

What is included in the USML?

But the USML also includes many of the parts, components, accessories, and subsystems that are specially designed for that naval destroyer.

What is our classification software?

Our classification software is a powerful, versatile search system that helps you determine the USML classification or ECCN code of your goods by simplifying the complexities inherent in the internal cross-references within each system and ensuring visibility of all relevant facts.

What is ECCN and USML classification software?

In addition to comprehensive analytical, classification, license determination, and ECCN code lookup tools, the ECCN and USML classification software provides online access and up-to-date contact information for all agencies involved with U.S. export controls.