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What is the order of the Football Genius series?

What is the order of the Football Genius series?

Football Genius2007Football Hero2008Football Champ2009The Big Time2010Deep Zone2011Perfect Season2013
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Are Tim Green books a series?

Football Hero2008Football Genius2007Football Champ2009The Big Game2018Baseball Genius: Baseball G…2017Kid Owner2015
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Can football cause ALS?

Researchers examined all 19,423 NFL players who took the field for at least one game from 1960 to 2019 in what the scientists said was the largest study of ALS risk in professional football players.

What books are in the Football Genius Series?

What book comes after football genius?

In 2007, Tim wrote FOOTBALL GENIUS, his first novel for young readers, and an instant NY Times Bestseller. The success and enjoyment of working with his own kids on the project resulted in FOOTBALL HERO, which was released in 2008.

What book comes after football champ?

Publication Order of Football Genius Books

Football Genius (2007) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Football Champ (2009) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Big Time (2010) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Deep Zone (2011) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Perfect Season (2013) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

What book comes after perfect season?

Series List in Order

Order Title Date
3 Football Champ Jul-2009
4 The Big Time Sep-2010
5 Deep Zone Sep-2011
6 Perfect Season Oct-2013

Why do football players get ALS more?

One of the findings is that repetitive head impacts, in some settings, might increase people’s risk of developing ALS. We wanted to better understand this by looking at a group of people who are at risk of high exposure to repetitive head impacts. Namely, professional football players.