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What did Zimbardo do that was unethical?

What did Zimbardo do that was unethical?

Ethical Issues The study has received many ethical criticisms, including lack of fully informed consent by participants as Zimbardo himself did not know what would happen in the experiment (it was unpredictable). Also, the prisoners did not consent to being ‘arrested’ at home.

How much did Zimbardo pay his participants?

$15 a day
The experiment was led by professor Philip Zimbardo, then in his late 30s. He and his team recruited 24 male students, who were randomly divided into two groups: prisoners and guards. The students were told they would be paid $15 a day and that the experiment would run for two weeks. It lasted only six days.

What methodology did Zimbardo use?

He used a number of qualitative approaches such as observation (sometimes overt and sometimes covert) interviews and questionnaires. Zimbardo’s study was clearly trying to give a situational explanation for behaviour. He argued that the study demonstrates the powerful effect roles can have on peoples’ behaviour.

What was the aim of Zimbardo’s experiment?

The experiment, funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research, took place at Stanford University in August 1971. It was intended to measure the effect of role-playing, labeling, and social expectations on behaviour over a period of two weeks.

What is Philip Zimbardo best known for?

He is also president of the Heroic Imagination Project, which teaches people how to overcome the natural human tendency to watch and wait in moments of crisis. Zimbardo is probably best known for his 1971 Stanford prison experiment, which demonstrated the power of social situations to influence people’s behavior.

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