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What did Azealia Banks do to her cat?

What did Azealia Banks do to her cat?

“No, I didn’t eat the cat and I especially would not eat a cat that’s been dead for three months,” she confirmed to Australian radio hosts Kylie and Jackio. Banks did, in fact, boil the cat but says this was for taxidermizing purposes. She later reveals a pair of ear pieces made from her cat’s jaw.

Why did Azealia Banks cook her dead cat?

Azealia Banks has posted and subsequently deleted a graphic Instagram where she exhumes her dead cat from her backyard and ‘cooks’ it in a black stew, as a way to preserve its bones.

Who dug up their dead cat?

Azealia Banks is trending on Twitter after the rapper shared a video that appears to show herself unearthing her dead cat and boiling it in hot water. On Tuesday (Jan. 12), Azealia Banks, who is no stranger to controversy, posted an Instagram video showing herself digging up her dead cat, presumably named Lucifer.

Is Azealia Banks really not happy to be here?

“I’m really not happy to be here”: Rapper Azealia Banks shocked fans with her topless antics before bailing on this headlining festival gig. Scandal-prone rapper Azealia Banks has had a meltdown while headlining Miami Pride and swore at her fans in a shocking topless performance.

Why did Azealia Banks storm out of Miami Pride?

31-year-old rapper Azealia Banks is coming under fire after storming out of her Miami Pride performance. The controversial New York native abruptly stopped her set after about 30 minutes and began telling the audience the event promoters had been rude, she was unhappy, and she didn’t want to be there.

Why did Azealia Banks throw her mic off at Wynwood pride?

Azealia Banks has once again found herself in conflict with the LGBTQ community. After screaming about the event organizers’ alleged unprofessionalism, the controversial rapper threw her microphone and stormed off stage at her Wynwood Pride performance in Miami on Friday night.

What song did Azealia Banks sing in the ones?

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