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What are the levels of the neck?

What are the levels of the neck?

Levels of the neck:

  • Level Ia: Submental triangle.
  • Level Ib: Submandibular triangle.
  • Level II: Upper jugular nodes.
  • Level III: Middle jugular nodes.
  • Level IV: Lower jugular nodes.
  • Level V: Posterior triangle.
  • Level VI: Nodes of the anterior compartment – pretracheal, paratracheal, precricoid lymph nodes.

What is a level 2 node?

Level II lymph nodes are related to the upper third of the jugular vein, extending from the skull base to the inferior border of the hyoid bone. The posterior border of level II is the posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, while the anterior border of level II has been defined as the stylohyoid muscle.

What does Level 5 lymph nodes mean?

Level V. This refers to the lymph nodes located in the posterior triangle of the neck. These include the spinal accessory, transverse cervical, and supraclavicular group of nodes.

What is a Level 3 cervical lymph node?

Level 3 Cervical Lymph Nodes The location of level 3 cervical nodes are: Superior: hyoid bone or carotid bifurcation. Inferior: lower cricoid or omohyoid muscle. Anterior: sternohyoid (don’t get confused with stylohyoid) Posterior: posterior border of sternocleidomastoid (SCM)

What is a Level 5 Node?

What is a Level 5 cervical lymph node?

What is a Level 1 cervical lymph node?

Level I nodes are those bounded by the mandible superiorly and laterally and by the hyoid bone inferiorly. Level Ia contains the submental nodal group, bounded superiorly by the symphysis menti and inferiorly by the hyoid bone.

What is a Level 1 B lymph node?

Level IB lymph nodes receive efferent lymphatic from the level IA, the lower nasal cavity, the hard and soft palate, the maxillary and mandibular alveolar ridges, the cheek, the upper and lower lips, and most of the anterior tongue [31]. Level IB lymph nodes do not receive direct drainage from nasopharynx.