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What are eddy current drives used for?

What are eddy current drives used for?

IDEAL Electric Eddy Current Drives are widely used as a cost-effective method for the variable sped control of AC motors in large-scale applications. They provide smooth, stepless, and precise speed control in addition to high overload capacity capabilities and incredible longevity.

What is the main advantage of an eddy current clutch?

Advantages and disadvantages of Eddy current clutch One advantage of eddy current clutch is that the smooth adjustment of both output torque and hence the speed control.

How do eddy current motors work?

Eddy current drives, also known generically as magnetic drives, eddy current clutches or magnetic clutches are driven at constant speed by an AC motor and utilize a simple electro-magnetic device to control torque and speed to the driven load.

Are AC variable frequency drives are more efficient than eddy current drives?

Eddy Current Drives vs VFDs Eddy current drives, on the other hand, often claim higher efficiency gains compared to VFDs, especially at higher levels of speed reduction. Eddy current drives do not offer the same level of control as VFDs do, nor do they provide variable torque.

How eddy current is used in induction motor?

Induction Motor: If the magnetic field is rotated with respect to the stationary axle, eddy currents are developed in it. The eddy currents thus produced try to reduce the relative motion by rotating the axle in the same direction of rotation of the magnetic field. This is the principle of an induction motor.

What devices use eddy current?

The minor application areas where eddy currents are utilized include use in energy meters, automobile speedometers, induction alternating current (AC) motors, free-fall devices, as a way of detecting coins in vending machines, to increase temperatures uniformly in induction furnaces, and in proximity/displacement …

Which of the following application is eddy current?

These currents are called eddy currents. These currents have a variety of applications including speedometer, induction motors, induction furnace, dead beat galvanometer, energy meters, electric brakes, etc.

What are eddy current two applications?

Applications of eddy currents (i) Induction furnace In an induction furnace, high temperature can be produced by using eddy currents. (ii) Electromagnetic damping In order to immediately bring to rest, the moving coil of galvanometer, we make the uses of electromagnetic damping which uses eddy currents.

What are eddy currents write its applications?

(2)-Induction motor, the eddy currents may be used to rotate the rotor. When a metallic cylinder(or rotor) is placed in a rotating magnetic field , eddy currents are produced in it. According to Lenz’s law, these currents tends to reduce to relative motion between the cylinder and the field.

What are eddy current mention two applications?

What are eddy current clutches used for?

Generally, eddy current clutches are used for take-up applications on slitting and rewinding machinery. Eddy Current Clutches give very accurate tension control.

What is an eddy current drive?

What is an eddy current drive? An eddy current drive, also known generically as a magnetic drive, eddy current clutch or magnetic clutch, is an electro-mechanical variable speed drive that uses a constant speed motor as the input. The eddy current drive is installed between the motor and the driven equipment.

How do you rate an eddy current clutch?

Typically, we rate the clutch with a gain factor (k), which is gram millimeters/rpm or Newton meters/rpm and we design the clutch to have an operating “slip rpm” between 1 and 300 rpm. At Magnetic Technologies Ltd. we have been building custom eddy current clutches since 1984.