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Is the Nixon Time Teller P waterproof?

Is the Nixon Time Teller P waterproof?

This watch is water resistant so you can wear it in the pool, ocean, or lake.

Do Nixon make good watches?

Indeed, Nixon watches bridge the gap between the cheap, functional watches many people slap on without a thought and pricier, luxury chronometers worn primarily to impress and that only tangentially serve as reliable timepieces. If there’s one thing I can vouch for with certainty, it’s that a Nixon watch is reliable.

Is the Nixon Time Teller watch real gold?

TIME TELLER, ALL GOLD. An original Nixon design, the gold watch face Women’s Time Teller is clean-cut and high-concept with 3-hand movement and a sleek gold metal band….About this item.

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name NIXON
Band size 10 inches
Band width 19 millimeters
Band Color Gold
Dial color Gold

What size is Nixon Time Teller?

Size-wise, this comes in with a very modest 37.5mm diameter, 9mm thickness and a 43.2mm lug to lug. Considering that many other fashion brands have gone down the oversized route, typically north of 41mm, this is refreshingly proportioned by 2020 standards.

Is Nixon waterproof?

Nixon is a brand rooted in surfing. It’s always been a priority for us to make our watches highly water-resistant, but we also go one step further to make them ocean-friendly. All of our surf-ready watches and some of our other water-resistant watches use #tide ocean material made from recycled ocean plastics.

Where is Nixon watches made?

Encinitas, California remains our home base, but we have been fortunate enough to open offices next to some of our favorite outdoor spots in Asia, Australia, and Europe.

What kind of battery does a Nixon watch take?

Most Nixons are using a size 364 battery, but it’s always critical to double check. Here at WatchGnome, we always make sure to use a top quality battery like Energizer, Renata or Sony. It’s also critical to change the battery without touching it with your bare hands.

Do Nixon watches fade?

Polycarbonate watches are extremely durable, lightweight, immune to corrosion (won’t fade over time) and can come in countless different colors.

How do you clean a Nixon watch?

How to clean a Nixon watch

  1. Wipe your Nixon down with a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Gently scrub the watch (again with a soft cloth or toothbrush) and warm water. You can use a small amount of liquid soap if necessary – and don’t forget to rinse.
  3. Dry off with a soft cloth.

Can I swim with my Nixon watch?

Water ratings for watches 3 ATM – Safe for splashes, not submersion or extreme temperature changes. 5 ATM – Covers showering and quick submersion. 10 ATM – Good for surfing, swimming, and repeated submersion. 10 ATM + Lock Crown – For all intents and purposes, counts as waterproof.

Is Nixon a popular watch brand?

Brief Nixon Watches History Since these humble beginnings, the Nixon brand has grown to sell in over 80 countries worldwide and now also produces accessories, apparel, headphones, and portable speakers.

What kind of Watch is the Nixon Time Teller P?

NIXON TIME TELLER P, MATTE BLACK. This Nixon watch has a minimal design in a 40mm package. The matte black finish gives power in appearance and spirit, while the 20mm polyurethane band adds comfort CLEAN AND PRECISE.

What is the best time teller watch for men?

Nixon Time Teller P A119. 100m Water Resistant Men’s Watch (40mm Watch Face. Poly Band) NIXON TIME TELLER P, MATTE BLACK.

What is the warranty on my Nixon watch?

Nixon offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years after original purchase from or an authorized Nixon dealer. This means that if the materials in your watch aren’t right or if the watch isn’t put together correctly, we’ll repair or replace it, at our option.