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Is akute Lagos or Ogun State?

Is akute Lagos or Ogun State?

Akute is a community under Ifo local government area in Ogun State.

What local government is Alagbole?

Alagbole Akute, ifo local government Ogun State.

Is ajuwon in Lagos or Ogun State?

Akute, Alagbole, Ajuwon and Lambe are four communities strategically located within the borders of Ogun and Lagos States. Indeed, they are much closer to Ikeja, Lagos and regrettably farther away from Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

Under which local government is ajuwon?

Location Information

Item Description
Postcode 112005
Local Government Area (LGA) Ifako-Ijaye
State Lagos

Which side is akute?

This place is situated in Ifo, Ogun, Nigeria, its geographical coordinates are 6° 40′ 56″ North, 3° 22′ 34″ East and its original name (with diacritics) is Akute-Oja.

Is Ojodu Berger in Lagos or Ogun?

Ojodu-Berger (Lagos)/Akute and Isheri (Ifo Local Government Area in Ogun), Alakuko (Lagos)/Sango-Ota (Ogun), Mowe/Ibafo (Obafemi/Owode Local Government Area of Ogun state), Ogijo (Ogun)/Odogunyan/Ikorodu (Lagos), Epe (Ogun)/Ijebu-Ode (Ogun), among others, are communities that are contiguous to one another.

Is akute a town?

Akute is a community under Ifo local government area in Ogun State. Akute is situated nearby to Adiyan, and southwest of Lambe. Akute is a community under Ifo local government area in Ogun State.

Where in Lagos is akute?

Is ojodu a good place to live?

Ojodu is safe and the cost of living is not so high. It’s a beautiful place where you can raise children without fear. I have so much pride in living here because of its safety.

What local government is Ifo?

Ifo is a Local Government Area in Ogun State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Ifo at 6°49′00″N 3°12′00″E.It has an area of 521 km2 (201 sq mi) and a population of 698,837 at the 2006 census “Adebami-Tella”….Ifo.

Ifo Ifo E4
State Ogun State
• Local Government Chairman Moji Delana Tawa (APC)

What is the ZIP postal code of Ogun State Nigeria?

All the streets, towns and villages located in Ipokia LGA, Ogun State make use of 111103 as their postal code.

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