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How many K-pop groups are in YG Entertainment?

How many K-pop groups are in YG Entertainment?

It now monitors 30+ digital and social channels on a single platform across its seven idol groups and counting. With more than 97 million YouTube subscribers alone, the South Korean entertainment giant had big plans to redesign its business, so it could better monetize through merchandise.

How many groups does YG own?

YG Entertainment

Duos Jinusean • AKMU • GDOP • GD X TAEYANG • MOBB
Soloists G-Dragon • Taeyang • Daesung • Bobby • Mino • Jennie • Bang Ye Dam • Lee Su Hyun • Rosé • Lisa
Artists Naeun

Who is most famous boy group in K-pop?

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Boy Groups (2019)

  • BTS.
  • EXO.
  • Wanna One.
  • NCT.
  • Got7.
  • Monsta X.
  • Stray Kids.

What does YG stand for K-pop?

YG Entertainment (YG 엔터테인먼트) is a Korean management agency founded by Yang Hyun Suk, former member of the legendary trio Seo Taiji and Boys and is, also, the main producer for most YG artists. YG is the mastermind behind prominent Korean R&B and Hip-Hop artists. YG stands for Yang Goon, aka Yang Hyun Suk.

What is YG biggest group?

Big Bang
Big Bang is YG’s most successful artist and was responsible for more than half of YG’s albums sold in Korea from 2014 to 2017.

Who are some former K-pop artists that owned YG Entertainment?

Former artists include Wheesung, Epik High, 1TYM, Gummy, Seven, Minzy, Park Bom, 2NE1, Nam Tae-hyun, Lee Jong-suk, Psy, Seungri, B.I, One, CL, Lee Hi, Jinusean and Sandara Park . In March 1996, Yang Hyun-suk, a former member of the first-generation K-pop group Seo Taiji and Boys, founded YG Entertainment along with his younger brother Yang Min-suk.

Who are the artists in YG?

Featuring YG groups, like Blackpink, 2NE1, Big Bang, and Winner, this list of YG artists also includes soloists like CL, G-Dragon, and Jennie Kim as well as artists under YG subsidiary labels The Black Label and YGX. K-pop fans will also recognize popular YG subunits like Mobb and Hi Suhyun.

What is YG Entertainment?

Founded in 1996 by former Seo Taiji and Boys member Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment is considered one of the “Big 3” agencies in the Korean music industry, largely due to the success of boy group Big Bang and girl group 2NE1. Since then, YG formed several other popular Kpop groups, including Blackpink, iKON, and Winner.

What are the names of the boy groups in Kpop?

Kpop Boy Groups A.C.E. A.Cian. Deep Studio Entertainment Boy Group . M.Pire. O.O.O . WE IN THE ZONE