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How many followers is considered famous on Tumblr?

How many followers is considered famous on Tumblr?

A few months ago, I ran across a post on Tumblr that declared that anyone who hit 1,000+ followers without following back was “Tumblr famous”.

How many followers does a Tumblr blog have?

Use Tumblr API Tumblr is different from other social media platforms in many ways. One of them is that you can’t see other people’s followers or know how many followers a person has. There’s no easy way to find out the number of followers on a specific Tumblr blog whether it’s public or private.

How do you make a Tumblr post go viral?

Tumblr has a key feature — reposting — for helping posts go viral. When another Tumblr user likes one of your Tumblr posts, he can put a copy of the post on his personal Tumblr by reposting it. This means that all of his regular viewers will see your post and may also repost it.

How do I get my Tumblr blog noticed?

Four Ways to Maximize Engagement on Tumblr

  1. USE EXPLORE. If you want to boost your Tumblr presence, start by studying the Tumblr explore page.
  2. ADD TAGS. Tags are similar to hashtags on most social networks.

What are top posts on Tumblr?

So What Are Top Posts? In short, Top Posts displays your blog’s most popular posts published anytime in the past three months. Users can simply tap on the preview pane listed just under your blog’s header to open up a dedicated Top Posts page, from where they can then check out twenty pieces of your craziest stuff.

Who are some of the Best bloggers?

Pat Flynn Pat Flynn is renowned among many aspiring bloggers. He has been an example of continuous dedication. He has been blogging for more than 8 years now and he shares all of his journey on his blog

Is blogging a good hobby for Tumblr teens?

Her expertise includes social media, web development, and graphic design. Blogging may be a fun hobby for Tumblr teens or WordPress writers, but it certainly isn’t limited to personal pastimes.

What is the secret to being a smart blogger?

Spoiler: The secret is that they are SMART (no, I don’t mean high-IQ-smart!). We will talk about the definition of smart and how you too can be a smart blogger later in this post.