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How do I get good rates at Great Wolf Lodge?

How do I get good rates at Great Wolf Lodge?

Plan early and save BIG! If you’re not seeing a Groupon deal, consider booking at least 60 days in advance through the Great Wolf Lodge website directly to save up to 50% on a three or more night stay.

Is one day enough at Great Wolf Lodge?

The most popular length of stay, according to Great Wolf Lodge company representatives (or “pack members”), is one day and two nights. That seems the wisest choice for avoiding sensory and budgetary overload as well. The water park is for resort guests only, and—important note—admission is included in your room rate.

Can you wear a shirt in the pool at Great Wolf Lodge?

We recommend that you bring bathing suits, aqua socks or flip flops for the 84-degree water park. Our lodge is considered casual but we do ask that when you are outside of the water park that shirts and shoes are worn.

Can you bring snacks to Great Wolf Lodge?

You can absolutely bring your own food and drink to the lodge. There is a mini refrigerator in the room as well as a microwave. Outside Food and beverage is NOT permitted in the waterpark itself, but in your room/lobby area is fine.

How many nights should I stay at Great Wolf Lodge?

One Night Is Enough Unless you’re a die-hard waterpark junkie, or you want to do every single one of the activities the resort has to offer, we’ve found that a one night stay is more than enough time at the resort. Guests have access to the water park on the day of check-in starting at 1 pm.

How many dollars is Great Wolf Lodge?

With lodge rooms priced at roughly $200–$500 per night, depending on season and number of guests, cost can be a prohibitive factor for many families. But Great Wolf announced this summer that it is now offering day passes to its water park.

How much is the refillable cup at Great Wolf Lodge?

The cup offers FREE refills of Coca-Cola and ICEE products (where available) during your stay. It cost $12.99 and to make it better, can be used for future visits for a discounted refill price.

What shoes should I wear to Great Wolf Lodge?

No flip-flops or open heel shoes are permitted. Shoe laces must be tied.

Can you bring water shoes to Great Wolf Lodge?

Perfect place for school aged kiddos! Bring water shoes! I was impressed with GWL overall. GWL is perfectly catered for kids.

Do you have to wear a swimsuit at Great Wolf Lodge?

Proper swim attire is required. Clothing with plastic or metal rivets, zippers or ornamentation is not permitted on certain attractions. Loose fitting clothing and accessories that pose an entrapment risk are not permitted. Clothing that is revealing or has vulgar content is not permitted.

Can I bring a water bottle to Great Wolf Lodge?

Refillable Water Bottles Like many places, bottles of water are expensive at Great Wolf Lodge. We recommend bringing your own (you can have them inside the waterpark) or even bring refillable bottles. There are water fountains inside the waterpark where you can refill them.

Who owns Great Wolf Lodge?

Blackstone IncCenterbrid… Partners
Great Wolf Resorts/Parent organizations

When did Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound open?


Location Year Opened
Grand Mound, Washington 2008
Concord, North Carolina 2009
Fitchburg, Massachusetts 2014
Garden Grove, California 2016

Can you bring your own puddle jumper to Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge provides towels at the water park, as well as puddle jumpers and life jackets for non-swimmers. I did bring my own puddle jumpers, and we were allowed to take them into the water park. For older kids, there were also several water slides that were more exciting. Save: Enjoy the water park as is.

Do I need towels at Great Wolf Lodge?

Towels are provided for your family in the water park as well as bathing towels in your suite. You may wish to bring a beach towel or cover up as we ask that the towels stay in the water park area. Towels in the water park are included but are subject to a fee if not returned.

How much are wands at Great Wolf Lodge?

Wand prices range from $15.99 to $23.99, depending on the style. Topper prices range from $15.99 to $19.99, depending on the style. To find more, please read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Do I need flip flops at Great Wolf Lodge?

No flip-flops or open heel shoes are permitted.

Can you bring water toys Great Wolf Lodge?

Pool toys and inflatable toys are not permitted inside the waterparks. And while coolers are allowed in the resort, they are not permitted inside the waterpark area.

Does Great Wolf Lodge provide toiletries?

During our visit to Great Wolf Lodge, they had shampoo and body wash in each of the showers. But you’ll still need conditioner and something to wash your body with. We pack a toiletries bag with everything we need, just to make sure we have it available.

Which is the biggest Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove
The largest properties in the Great Wolf Lodge chain are Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove in California at 121,000 square feet and Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls (on the Canada side) at 103,000 square feet.

Is Great Wolf Lodge worth the cost?

Great Wolf Lodge Extras – Worth the Money? bulk point purchase was really more cost efficient for our family. The Wolf Pass, the priciest at 99.99] and closest in resemblance to our Media Weekend Paw Pass, would have been great for my 7 and 9 year old. In additional to the classic or color wand, this package includes the Compass Quest

How to find the best deals on Great Wolf Lodge?

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  • Is Great Wolf Lodge owned by Disney?

    Is Great Wolf Lodge owned by Disney? The company owns and operates its family resorts under the Great Wolf Lodge brand. In addition to a water park, each resort features restaurants, arcades, spas and children’s activities….Great Wolf Resorts.

    What is the best Great Wolf location?

    Bloomington,MN. Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota will open its doors in late 2017,joining many of the fun family attractions just outside Minneapolis.

  • Charlotte/Concord,NC.
  • Cincinnati/Mason,OH.
  • Colorado Springs,CO.
  • Grand Mound,WA.
  • Grapevine,TX.
  • Gurnee,IL.
  • Kansas City,KS.
  • LaGrange,GA.
  • New England/Boston,MA.