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Who sang Walking In The Air originally?

Who sang Walking In The Air originally?

Howard BlakeWalking in the Air / ArtistHoward David Blake OBE FRAM is an English composer, conductor, and pianist whose career has spanned more than 50 years and produced more than 650 works. Blake’s most successful work is his soundtrack for Channel 4’s 1982 film The Snowman, which includes the song “Walking in the Air”. Wikipedia

Did Aled Jones sing Walking In The Air?

Aled is still perhaps best-known for being the voice of The Snowman – the song ‘Walking In The Air’ was the highlight from the enduring animated classic, and even though the original recording was sung by Peter Auty, it’s become known as Aled’s song after his version of it topped the charts in 1985.

When was Walking In The Air released?

1983Walking in the Air / Released

Where was Aled Jones Walking In The Air filmed?

Aled Jones performs Walking In The Air… in the air at 18,000ft – Wales Online.

Who is Aled Jones married to?

Claire FossettAled Jones / Spouse (m. 2001)

Personal life. Jones met English circus performer Claire Fossett whilst both performed in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat in Blackpool, Lancashire. The couple married on 6 January 2001 in Covent Garden, London. The couple have two children, actress and singer Emilia and a son Lucas.

How old is Aled Jones now?

51 years (December 29, 1970)Aled Jones / Age
How old is Aled Jones? Aled Jones was born on December 29, 1970. He celebrated his 51st birthday in 2021.

Is the Snowman set in Brighton?

Staying with the beach theme, The Snowman is said to be set in Sussex, near Brighton. We know this because, in the television adaption, the snowman and the young boy fly over Brighton pier and Brighton Pavillion.

Who wrote the score for the snowman?

Howard BlakeThe Snowman / Music composed by

Who is Aled Jones partner?

Where is Aled Jones now?

In later years, he has worked as a radio and TV presenter, and currently has a show on Smooth’s sister station Classic FM.