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What size HPA tank should I get?

What size HPA tank should I get?

For most new players it’s good to look for a tank that can get around 600 shot you can get through a set of matches. There is a quick rule that can tell you how many shots you can get from a tank, simply multiply the volume by 12 for 3000 PSI tanks or 17 for 4500 PSI tanks.

How long does a paintball tank last?

Paintball cylinders need to be retested for its serviceability every three to five years. They also only have a lifespan of 15 years. HYDROSTATIC TEST or HYDROTEST – The tank is visually inspected for cracks then is pressurized with water to look for a drop in pressure or to see if there are any leaks.

How many shots can you get out of a 48ci HPA tank?

This compact lightweight HPA tank is Globally Certified, which means it’s approved for use in the USA, Canada and Europe. Many paintball and airsoft players use this with a remote line setup. Expect to get 450 to 850 shots per fill with your paintball marker or 1900 shots with your Tippmann M4 Carbine Airsoft Gun.

How much psi should a paintball tank have?

This pressure is what fires the paintball. Compressed air tanks are pressurized up to the tank’s rating of 3000 PSI or 4500 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). The pressure is then regulated through the tank’s regulator down to a lower PSI (450-850) to fire the paintball.

Is HPA stronger than co2?

The beauty of HPA is that the pressure is much more stable than CO2 and changes due to shooting fast or playing in cold weather are barely noticeable. No thick clouds or snow from the barrel, no more layers of frost on the marker body and your accuracy improves due to better velocity consistency.

Is CO2 and HPA the same?

CO2 and compressed air (HPA) are high-pressure gases that are required to power paintball guns. When CO2 is stored in a CO2 bottle, it is in liquid form. Letting only a little CO2 out of the bottle at a time allows for just gas to come out. This gas is what’s used to fire the paintball marker or paintball gun.

What is a good air tank paintball?

An aluminium 48ci/3000 psi tank is a popular starter compressed air paintball tank. Most advanced players have carbon fiber paintball tanks due to the high capacity and lightweight.

How many shots in a 3000 psi paintball tank?

Shots per fill will differ between 3000 psi tanks and 4500 psi tanks based on their size, measured in cubic inches (ci). You can expect about 10 shots per ci from a 3000 psi tank and about 15 shots per ci from a 4500 psi tank with most paintball guns.

Can I use hPa instead of CO2 in my paintball gun?

In many cases, you will have no choice between the two air sources, because many electronically-triggered paintball guns require the use of HPA and will not work with CO2.

Where can I get my HPA tank filled?

The best (and sometimes only) places to get your HPA tank filled will most likely be a paintball field or pro-shop. You might be able to find a scuba shop with the right setup, but you will have to ask around first.