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What music does Annie Mac play?

What music does Annie Mac play?

downtempo music
The Power Down Playlist Every Monday from 7.00, Annie plays mellow and downtempo music to ease people into the week.

What is Annie Mac’s Tune of the Week?

Frontman brothers Ewan & Callum from unsigned Bath band Bad Sounds chat to Annie Mac about her tune of the week, ‘Avalanche’.

Does Annie Mac produce music?

She had been a producer at BBC Radio 1 before this and was heard as a voice for jingles on the station at least as far back as February 2004. Her first live set with the station was at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Dundee in May 2006 as part of the Essential Mix live broadcast.

What was Annie Mac’s last song on Radio 1?

Mac, after giving herself a pep talk about pulling herself together, then proceeded to deliver her final link on the station, introducing DJ Rolando’s ‘Knights Of The Jaguar’, a song that Mac said “is everything I love in dance music”.

How did Annie Mac get into radio?

She said that after meeting the DJ in a nightclub “I invited him on to the show to do a bit of an interview”. The pair were living together about a year later, she added. Mac (43) joined Radio 1 as an assistant producer before hosting her first show in 2004.

What age is Annie Nightingale?

82 years (April 1, 1940)Annie Nightingale / Age

What age is Annie Mac?

43 years (July 18, 1978)Annie Mac / Age

How long has Annie Mac been on Radio 1?

Annie Mac has presented her final BBC Radio 1 show. The Dublin-born DJ, who has been working at the station for 17 years, tearfully signed off on Friday evening. Mac had previously said she is leaving the station to spend more time with her family.

Is Chris Stark married?

Stark is married, and in July 2020 his wife Ria gave birth to their son (his second child).

Is Anne Nightingale married?

She was the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1 in 1970, and is its longest-serving presenter….Annie Nightingale.

Annie Nightingale CBE
Born Anne Avril Nightingale 1 April 1940 Osterley, Middlesex, England
Years active 1963–present
Spouse(s) Binky Baker (1978–present)
Children 2

What is Annie Macs new job?

Annie Mac will be writing more fiction and creating podcasts following her departure from her Radio 1 show. She shared the details on her Instagram, when she posted, ‘I would like more time to write fiction and to create podcasts.

What was Annie Mac’s last song?