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What makes a mixer high shear?

What makes a mixer high shear?

A high-shear mixer uses a rotating impeller or high-speed rotor, or a series of such impellers or inline rotors, usually powered by an electric motor, to “work” the fluid, creating flow and shear.

Which of the following mixer is a first high shear powder blender?

Option (b) is correct. Littleford lodige mixer is also known as a granulator.

What is high shear emulsifier?

High Shear Emulsifier narrows the particle size of liquid -liquid and solid-liquid materials through external mechanical force and distributes one phase materials into another phase or many other phases evenly to achieve good homogenizing, dispersing and emulsifying result.

What does shear mean in mixing?

The term shear refers to the stress imparted to the liquid and suspended particles, if applicable, as a result of encountering a mixing blade or impeller. The amount of shear is dictated by the blade design and its rotational speed.

What is RMG in pharma?

Rapid mixer granulator is widely used equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is used to mix the pharmaceutical ingredients and make the granules before compression and also called a high shear mixer.

What is high-speed mixer granulator?

The high-speed granulator can be operated both as a single unit and in combination with a cooling mixer. The geometrically designed high-speed mixing tool accelerates the product both radially, so that it is pushed outward and in a spiralling upward movement, creating a distinct vortex shape.

What is a high shear mixer?

The advent of rotor/stator mixers revolutionized mixing technology. Imparting vigorous radial and axial flow patterns and intense shear, ROSS High Shear Mixers accomplish a variety of processing objectives including homogenization, emulsification, powder wet-out and deagglomeration.

What is wet granulation in high shear mixers?

This process is known as wet granulation. High shear mixers, compared to ordinary mixers, also provide the means to break down the powder into finer particles. Wet granulation can be broken down into three processes: wetting, growth, and breakage. Wetting happens when the powder encounters the binder liquid.

What is the power input required for a shear Blender?

The power inputrequired for a shear blenders is high, in the range of > 10 kW/m3. When mixing highly cohesive powders or when spraying a liquid to agglomerate the powder, ploughshare mixers can be fitted with additional mixing tools.

Why is it difficult to process paint in a shear mixer?

All pharmaceutical products such as tablets, syrups, suspensions, injection solutions, ointments, gels, and creams go through a high shear mixer, all of which have varying viscosity and particle size. Paints (latex) are known to be a non-Newtonian, thixotropic liquid. This makes paints difficult to process.