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What is Scrip Wallet?

What is Scrip Wallet?

MyScripWallet is an ordering tool for ScripNow® eCards and Reloads, and it includes a wallet function to display your previously purchased eCards and Reload cards. Physical gift cards can only be ordered on at this time.

How create Shop with Scrip account?

You register online by going to and clicking Join a Program. You’ll need to enter our enrollment code which will link your account to our organization. Complete the form in this link to receive your enrollment code.

Does scrip have an app?

Introducing RaiseRight. It’s simply the right way to fundraise. Now, earning is even more convenient—anytime you want, anywhere you go.

How does Shop with Scrip work?

ShopWithScrip is a different kind of fundraiser—with the help of over 750 brands, it turns your everyday shopping into earnings for your organization. That means you’ll raise money without having to spend time selling products, asking for donations, or planning events.

How does raise right work?

It’s simply the right way to fundraise. How it works: Earn by purchasing gift cards at face value from more than 750 top brands. Your earnings come directly from the brands you shop, not your pocket, so your gift cards are worth every penny.

How do I register with ShopWithScrip?

1) Go to and click Register, then click Join Your Scrip Program. 2) Enter our enrollment code. By entering this code, your account will be associated with our non-profit organization so you can begin earning rebates! 3) Fill in all required personal information and click ‘I Accept.

What is Scrip app?

Great Lakes Scrip offers the convenience of purchasing e-cards and reloading existing gift cards anytime, anywhere, right from your phone! Scrip is literally at your fingertips for gas, groceries, dining, clothing, honey-do projects, and even those late night Amazon shopping excursions!

What is the RaiseRight app?

RaiseRight makes fundraising easy. Simply earn money for your organization by purchasing gift cards from more than 750 top brands you shop for everyday things. Everyone is busy and no one has the time to schedule events or knock on doors.

What is Scrip fundraiser?

What is gift card fundraising? Also known as scrip fundraising, you raise money by using gift cards instead of cash or credit to pay for everyday purchases like groceries, gas, dining out, that morning coffee addiction, even your family’s summer vacation.

What is scrip school?

The Scrip program allows VCS to purchase gift cards and certificates at a discount. The Scrip retailers offer discounts varying from 2% to 20%. School families and friends buy Scrip from VCS at face value and VCS receives the benefit of the profit. Scrip uses the funds earned to enhance your student’s education.

Why is it called scrip?

Scrips were created to pay or compensate employees under the truck system. This system, which began during the Industrial Revolution, meant that employees were paid in kind with commodities, vouchers, tokens, or some other form instead of cash. This was usually to the benefit of the employer, not the employee.

What is scrip fee?

CCASS normally charges its participants (e.g. banks or brokerages) a registration and transfer fee (commonly known as the scrip fee in the market) of $1.5 per board lot on the book-close date, calculated according to the net increase in aggregate balance of that stock in a participant’s account over the last collection …