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What is a Dibond sheet?

What is a Dibond sheet?

DIBOND® is the original aluminium composite sheet, comprising two 0.3 mm thick aluminium cover layers and a polyethylene or mineral core. It is lightweight – extremely rigid and strong, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

What size sheets does Dibond come in?

Based on 915 reviews….Specifications.

Material Aluminium Acrylic Composite
Available Thicknesses 3mm
Maximum Sheet Size 3050mm x 1500mm
Minimum Sheet Size 100mm x 50mm

How long will Dibond last outside?

5 years
Dibond signs are one of the longest-lasting types of signage. You can expect them to last 5 years if placed outdoors and up to 10 years if you use them indoors.

Is Dibond waterproof?

Dibond has been the industry’s leading aluminum composite material (ACM) for 15+ years. It is the flattest panel on the market, and Dibond is an excellent alternative to other strong materials such as Plywood, PVC, or Coroplast. It is rustproof, rot proof, waterproof, and chemically resistant.

Can Dibond be used outdoors?

Can Dibond be used outdoors? Yes, Dibond is a type of aluminum composite panel that can be used outdoors. It is a light and strong material, so it does not corrode or rust easily.

Can you cut Dibond with a jigsaw?

Jigsaw or reciprocating saw Use a saw blade suitable for soft or non-ferrous metals. A thin saw blade about a millimetre thick and a maximum of 15 millimetres wide if the best option. The ideal cutting speed will differ depending on the sheet thickness.

How much does a sheet of Dibond weight?

With the industry’s leading aluminum composite material for more than 15 years, Dibond is the flattest ACM panel on the market that won’t bow or oil can. Dibond is excellent for digital printing and is approximately one half the weight of aluminum….White 3mm Dibond.

Weight 8.000000
Product Type Sign Substrates

How can I cut my dibond at home?

No special tools are required for cutting Dibond®, we recommend using a saw blade for metal or hardwood. However, chips and dust from sawing can clog up the saw blade and create a rough edge. it is advisable to use an effective means of removing chips, for example, a blow gun will do the job.

What is Dibond made of?

Dibond® is the industry’s leading aluminum composite material (ACM). It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of . 012″ (. 30mm) aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.

What is 3mm Dibond?

This is a lightweight but rigid and durable aluminum composite material (ACM) –– two strong sheets of . 012″ aluminum bonded to a polyethylene core. Yet, it fabricates easily. Dibond Material is pre painted with a polyester finish that is available in 3mm thickness and in 4’x8′, sheet sizes.

What is acupanel?

Acupanel® is a stunning, easy to install wood strip decorative wall and ceiling panel which boasts class A sound absorption. Modern styling personified in every way – streamlined, contemporary looks with the added benefit of acoustic insulation. Perfect for both residential & commercial environments.

Why choose acupanel® slat wood?

Perfect for both residential & commercial environments. Acupanel® slat wood panels are ideal for both residential and commercial application, from home interior design projects to restaurant refurbishments to significant scale hotel developments.

What are the different finishes of acupanel?

Unique finishes. Acupanel® offers nine unique and striking colourways to choose from. The warm inviting, mid-tones woods include walnut, rustic oak, bronze oak, natural oak and contemporary oak or for a more intense, dark shade, consider the black, concrete, rustic grey oak or smoked oak.