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What college majors degrees are most in demand?

What college majors degrees are most in demand?

Most In-Demand Degrees

  • Health Science. Health Science and Healthcare Administration is a promising career choice as medical technology and average life expectancy continues to increase.
  • Information Technology.
  • Engineering.
  • Business Administration.
  • Finance.
  • Human Resources.
  • Education.
  • Psychology.

What 4 year major makes the most money?

Highest Paying Jobs With a Bachelor’s Degree

Rank Major Mid-Career Pay
Rank:1 Petroleum Engineering Mid-Career Pay:$187,300
2 Operations Research & Industrial Engineering Mid-Career Pay:$170,400
3 Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) Mid-Career Pay:$159,300
4 Interaction Design Mid-Career Pay:$155,800

What field of study is in high demand?

Overall, the top growth career fields are: Engineering –software engineers to more traditional avenues are needed. Healthcare – nurses, therapists and healthcare managers are in demand. Finance – demand for accountants, economists and financial planners is high.

What is the most used degree?

The Most Popular College Majors

Rank Major Number of Degrees Awarded
Rank 1 Major Business and Management Number of Degrees Awarded 289,384
Rank 2 Major Nursing Number of Degrees Awarded 141,632
Rank 3 Major Psychology Number of Degrees Awarded 127,066
Rank 4 Major Biology Number of Degrees Awarded 120,375

What degree is best for the future?

24 of the most useful degrees for the future

  1. Business. A business degree focuses on the different factors of running a business, including business management, marketing, accounting and human resources.
  2. Marketing.
  3. Computer science.
  4. Public relations.
  5. Psychology.
  6. Nursing.
  7. Accounting.
  8. Biology.

What are the most popular college majors in the US?

In order, the most popular college majors in the US are: Biology, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Marketing , Psychology, and PoliSci / Sociology. 1.

What are the most in-demand majors?

In this article, we discuss what makes a major “in demand” and list 23 of the most in-demand majors to help you find one that might be right for you. Some of the most in-demand majors include: 1. Nursing Nurses care for ill or injured patients and guide them through the recovery process.

What kind of jobs are in demand in 2018?

Economic jobs are projected to grow at a rate of 8% between 2018 and 2028, due to the wide range of businesses that need economic analysis and quantitative methodology to make the best financial decisions. 17. Public relations Individuals who work in public relations protect and improve corporate reputations in the media.

What careers are in high demand for nurses?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for registered nurses are projected to grow by 12% between 2018 and 2028, which is much faster than average. The primary reason for this is the increasing demand for healthcare services for older populations. Some careers for nursing majors include: 2. Culinary arts