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What are the Round phone holders called?

What are the Round phone holders called?

What are PopSockets? PopSockets are small plastic contraptions that “pop” onto the back of your phone. They are made of three parts: a decorative disc, a flexible, accordion-like stem, and a circular base that sticks on your phone.

What is the round thing on back of phones?

It’s called a PopSocket, and for the past year, it’s been taking the smartphone accessory market by storm, with the trend even catching on with celebrities.

What is that thing called that you put on your phone to hold on to?

Product Description. A PopSockets grip is more than a stylish phone accessory. It’s an opposable thumb for your phone.

Whats a phone ring slide?

iRing Slide allows wireless charging by simply repositioning the ring. Just slide the ring down and put your phone on a wireless charger. The iRing slide single has a wider mounting angle that can be adjusted from the floor to 88°, so you can keep your smartphone vertically.

How do I get my phone holder to stick to my dashboard?

A flat plastic disc with adhesive backing to stick to your dash, like this one….Some creative ideas for phone mount placements include:

  1. smooth plastic surfaces on the front panel of the dash, e.g. around the stereo or next to air vents.
  2. smooth plastic surfaces on elevated center consoles.

Why do people use phone grips?

Big, wide and slippery phones mean many people have resorted to putting their little fingers underneath the bottom of the phone to hold them in place. But as the weight of the phones has increased so has the stress on the poor little finger, which can lead to the unpleasant experience of shooting pains in your palm.

How do I choose the best car phone holder?

Some car phone holders come with a single cradle and more than one mount. If you have more than one vehicle, this allows you to install one mount in each vehicle, and just take the cradle portion of the holder with you. Look for one that includes a variety of mounts, including vent, dash, and windshield, if you think this would be a useful feature.

What are the different types of car phone mounts?

There are two basic types of car phone mounts: mounts that attach to your air conditioner vent, and mounts that attach to your dashboard or windshield. If you have a standard air conditioner vent, there are plenty of good options out there, but note that they won’t work with circular vents. Dash and windshield mounts are more versatile.

How to secure your smartphone outside of your car?

The iOttie Easy One Touch (view on Amazon) is a mount that wirelessly charges your device while it secures your smartphone in place without magnets. If you are looking to secure your phone outside of your vehicle, consider investing in a tripod instead. Only the best car phone holders should be trusted to secure your smartphone from danger.

What is the best car phone mount for 2021?

The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2021. 1 Ainope Gravity Phone Holder. $16.99 at Amazon See It. 2 Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount. 3 iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount. 4 iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 Dash & Windshield Mount. 5 Kenu Airframe Qi Wireless Charging Car Vent Mount.