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Is the FasciaBlaster legit?

Is the FasciaBlaster legit?

According to anecdotal evidence, fascia blasting may not be safe for everyone, and could have some potential side effects. Some individuals who have tried fascia blasting claim they’ve developed various symptoms from using this technique. Some of the reported side effects include: severe bruising.

Does fascia blasting get rid of fat?

Fascia blasting users are reporting the following improvements: cellulite reduction, fat loss, muscle performance improvement, facial uplift, butt lift, reduced skin sag, muscle definition, pain relief, increased mobility, and improved posture and alignment.

How long should you use the FasciaBlaster?

You can work up to three to five minutes per zone, but overzealous blasters, beware. Applying too much pressure can result in some pretty funny-looking bruises. After you’re finished, drink lots of water and massage the areas you went over.

Does FasciaBlaster get rid of cellulite?

The Fascia Blaster is a handheld device that claims to roll away cellulite while easing muscle pain. Doctors have mixed opinions on the device, but most agree that it’s not an effective way to treat cellulite. The Fascia Blaster may be an affordable and simple way to treat muscle pain, joint pain, and general aches.

How do you flush after fascia blasting?

After blasting, we recommend flushing. This is simply a light, brisk up and down stroke to increase blood flow to the area. I recommend lightly blasting or flushing the whole extremity with the blaster or your hands. Then ACTIVATE and condition your muscles after FasciaBlasting!

Can fascia blasting cause weight gain?

Some users have experienced significant weight gains of up to 15 pounds or more in a short amount of time that lasted for months rather than days.

Why do you bruise when fascia blasting?

FasciaBlasting may rupture the tiny blood vessels supplying the tissue. These tiny vessels are called capillaries and when they break, they leak a small amount of blood into the tissue itself.

Do you have to use oil with FasciaBlaster?

Use the FasciaBlaster® on bare skin with oil, rubbing briskly up and down and side to side.

Can you fascia blast too much?

Who is the fascia Blaster for?

The Fascia Blaster is designed, engineered, researched, manufactured and used exclusively by and for Ashley Black. Ashley Black has been overcoming physical ailments her entire life, including Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and a life threatening bone infection.

Can I use a fascia Blaster to treat varicose veins?

Using a fascia blaster in areas where varicose veins are present to improve circulation or reduce their appearance can do much more harm than good. Like spider veins, my practitioner warns that such a product can worsen the severity of the condition!

What are the dangers of a fascia Blaster?

Danger of Excessive Bruising. Warning: If you are prone to bruising, the fascia blaster can make you look like the victim of a beating. As a shocking example, I recently saw a woman at the store with extensive bruising all over both arms. Very concerned, I asked her if she was alright.

What would we look like if we could dissect the fascia?

If we could dissect the fascia out independently, we would look like a big ball of cotton candy in the shape of a human form. Who is Ashley Black? The Fascia Blaster is designed, engineered, researched, manufactured and used exclusively by and for Ashley Black.