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Is SurfEasy fast?

Is SurfEasy fast?

Find out more about SurfEasy servers. Decent speeds, but only on local servers. On local servers, SurfEasy’s speeds are decent. However, its international servers are too slow to stream or download torrents.

Is SurfEasy good for Torrenting?

With over five years of experience, this company will offer you the best service possible. BitTorrent is allowed on this service, and their dedicated servers will keep your download speeds as quick as they can.

What is SurfEasy?

SurfEasy encrypts all internet traffic coming in and out of your computer to help protect your online privacy and security. Surf the web safely, securely and the way it was meant to be–without data limits1. SurfEasy VPN is also compatible with Mac, iOS and Android.

Is SurfEasy a good VPN?

It’s a decent VPN but there’s plenty of room for improvement, most of all with the price tag, which is highly expensive. ExpressVPN is around the same price as SurfEasy but it’s a much better all-round service. Where SurfEasy falls short ExpressVPN offers a solution, so it’s worth taking a look. Read ExpressVPN review

Should I sign-up to SurfEasy?

There’s just no way around it: there are no compelling reasons to sign-up to SurfEasy—not recommended. * Average speed over multiple global locations based across multiple speed tests per day. How does SurfEasy compare to other popular VPNs? Here’s how SurfEasy compares to ExpressVPN and Hotspot Shield: Speed: How fast is SurfEasy?

Is SurfEasy a good option for a P2P server?

It doesn’t have a kill switch, either, which is a must for safe file sharing. SurfEasy seems like a good choice for torrenters if you sign up to the Ultra Plan, which has servers optimized for P2P activity. But it comes with a less-than-ideal average bitrate speed of 2.3MiB/s.

Is SurfEasy for Android safe?

SurfEasy for Android is a bit safer because you can offset the lack of a kill switch by using Android’s Always-on VPN app. Downloading and installing SurfEasy is much the same as installing any other piece of software. After you’ve installed SurfEasy VPN, the program should run automatically.