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Is an 8-point buck big?

Is an 8-point buck big?

Research shows that most bucks are 8-pointers, like this one killed by Wyatt Reinhardt of New Hampshire, once they get to age 3 or older. No matter what part of the country or older age class, the 8-point buck comprises most of the antler makeup — which is fine with most hunters.

Is a 8-point deer good?

Many yearling bucks with superior genetics and good nutrition have eight or more points on their first set of antlers. Nearly all bucks with superior genetics and adequate nutrition have eight or more points when 2 years old. Bucks with inferior antler genetics may never have more than seven points, even when mature.

What is considered a big 8-point whitetail?

So far, the story is that Illinois hunter Jason Sanders shot what appears to be the largest main-frame, typical 8-pointer ever killed by a hunter under fair chase conditions. Preliminary scores say the buck NETS 183-1/8 inches. The current world-record typical 8 is 180-3/8 inches.

What is the most impressive whitetail buck ever taken?

His buck become the B&C world-record typical in 1978 and remains one of the most impressive whitetails ever taken, sporting incredible mass and symmetry, with only 3-2/8 inches of deductions. 8. The Milo Hanson Buck Hanson’s famous current No. 1 typical has held that honor for 27 years. Boone and Crockett

What is the best method of whitetail hunting?

Where the terrain allows, this is an active, highly enjoyable method of whitetail hunting. In the South, where swamp- land abounds, deer hunting with dogs is a very traditional method. Hounds are let out at one end of thick cover in order to roust hiding deer past hunters lying in ambush.

What is the average beam length of a whitetail buck?

During the organization’s first awards period, B&C ranked whitetails according to main-beam length, and the NB buck had impressive beams indeed, at 31-6/8 inches. But even later, when the club began recording complete scores in 1952, still no other bucks had emerged that could top this heavy-antlered stud’s score of 180-6/8. 2.

Can you hunt Whitetails in the woods?

The most skilled hunters among us can find, stalk, and kill whitetails in wooded terrain. The Benoit family of Vermont has made their living doggedly tracking big bucks through snow. Other hunters “still-hunt,” or ease through the woods while scanning ahead for deerlike shapes and movement.