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How to run the workbook in SAP BW?

How to run the workbook in SAP BW?

Executing SAP BW Workbooks Go to BEx Analyzer -> Open Workbook.

How do I create a workbook in BEx Analyzer?

open any query in Bex Analyzer, and save it as workbook, this will create a workbook. befor that check for the required authorization to create a workbook.

What is BEx workbook?

Mar 9, 2018 by Sowjanya B N K. Analysis for Office can access the existing SAP Business Explorer(BEx) workbooks and migrate them as new AO workbooks. This can be done in versions of Analysis for Office starting from 1.3 and above.

How do you create a workbook in analysis for office?

BEx Workbook to Analysis for Office Report – One Click Conversion

  1. Before you start, make sure you set up your desired conversion mode settings in the AO ribbon Settings menu.
  2. Select Convert BEx workbook option from File ->Analysis tab.
  3. Select the workbook you want to convert.

How to check if the Bex analyzer is using the Standard Template?

Restart the BEx Analyzer, open the BEx Analyzer Global Setting and switch to TAB “Default Workbook”. Check the value of “Current Default Workbook”: If you see “SAP Default Workbook” then you are using the SAP Standard template. No further checks need to be performed.

How to save a workbook in the Bex analyzer?

To save a workbook in the BEx Analyzer, you need to navigate to Save → Save Workbook in the analysis toolbar or you can also click on the BEx Analyzer → Save Workbook in the menu. You can also save a workbook with a new name. To do so, select Save → Save Workbook As in the analysis toolbar or you can also click on BEx…

What is Bex analyzer in SAP?

SAP BEx – Analyzer. The BEx analyzer is an analysis based reporting and designing tool embedded with Microsoft Excel which can be used to the analyze data in the InfoProvider. You can also add different control types such as, Analysis Grids, Dropdown Boxes and Button in an Excel workbook.

How to check direct execution of a query in Bex analyzer?

Start the BEx Analyzer and open the workbook. Open the Workbook Settings > switch to TAB “Data Providers”. Check the direct execution of the query which is used as DataProvider in the workbook.