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How much does a d4k cat weigh?

How much does a d4k cat weigh?

Operating weight 8147 kg 17,961 lb – XL Operating weight 8501 kg 18,742 lb – LGP • Operating with dozer blade, canopy ROPS, back-up alarm, operator, coolant, lubricants and full fuel tank.

How many horsepower is a d4k?


Displacement 268.6 cu in (0 m)
Model C4.4 ACERT
Net Power 84 hp (63 kw)
Number of Cylinders 4
Power Measured @ 1900 rpm

How much does a d6k2 weigh?

29258 lb

Operating Weight 29258 lb
Operating Weight – LGP 30664 lb
Operating Weight – XL 29258 lb
Shipping Weight – LGP 30058 lb
Shipping Weight – XL 28651 lb

What does cat LGP mean?

Low Ground Pressure. Either wider tracks or mayby a longer undercarriage.

What engine is in a d6k?

D6K Product Specifications

Engine Cat C7.1 ACERT
Engine Power ISO 14396 117 kW 159 hp (DIN)
Net Power ISO 9249 97 kW 132 hp (DIN)
Operating Weight, XL 13 500 kg
Operating Weight, LGP 14 350 kg

What does a d6k LGP weigh?

29690 lbs
Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 95 A
Fuel Capacity 77.9 gal (295 l)
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 15.3 gal (58 l)
Operating Voltage 24 V V
Operating Weight 29690 lbs (13,467 kg)

How much does a cat D6T XL weight?

45550 lb

Operating Weight 45082 lb 20449 kg
Operating Weight – STD A-Blade 44024 lb 19969 kg
Operating Weight – STD SU-Blade 42834 lb 19429 kg
Operating Weight – XL A-Blade 45550 lb 20661 kg
Operating Weight – XL SU-Blade 45082 lb 20449 kg

What do the letters mean on Caterpillar dozers?

Initially, Cat dozers were named with letter modifiers to differentiate machines that existed within the same size class, such as D6T, D6N and D6K2. Recently, Caterpillar decided to remove the letters in dozer names and arrange them from smallest to largest, with only one model per class size.