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How many drops does THEALOZ DUO have?

How many drops does THEALOZ DUO have?

1 drop should be applied in each eye, from 4 to 6 times day. The drops are suitable for contact lens wearers to apply before or during wear.

How do you use Thealoz?

Apply one drop in the pocket of the eyelid, while gently pulling the lower lid down and looking up. Close the eye gently after application. Replace the bottle cap after use. Multi-dose bottle, for use by one person only.

What Thealoz 3?

THEALOZ is a sterile, preservative free, isotonic and pH neutral aqueous ophthalmic solution. Its main ingredient is trehalose, a natural simple sugar present in many plants and animals, which can survive in extremely dry conditions. Trehalose protects and hydrates and is an antioxidant.

How often can I use THEALOZ DUO gel?

Carbomer allows THEALOZ DUO GEL to stay on the eye surface longer, providing long-lasting relief of dry eye signs and symptoms. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE Apply 1 drop to each eye, from 1 to 4 times a day. As it is a gel, THEALOZ DUO GEL is particularly suitable for use in the evening, just before going to bed.

What is THEALOZ DUO drops?

THEALOZ DUO hypotonic solution is a dual combination of trehalose and hyaluronic acid. It protects, hydrates and lubricates the eyes for treatment of moderate to severe dry eye syndrome: Provides immediate comfort that lasts all day long and relief from the symptoms of dry eyes.


Being both preservative-free and phosphate-free, Thealoz Duo is safe to use with contact lens wear and is ideal for all levels of dry eye symptomology. With Thealoz Duo, not only do you benefit from the properties of Trehalose, but it also contains Sodium Hyaluronate.

What is Thealoz eye drops?

Can you keep THEALOZ DUO in the fridge?

THEALOZ DUO EYE DROPS It can used as often as needed, and once opened will not expire for 3 months. The bottle does not need to be refrigerated to be kept fresh, because it has a special filter preventing bacteria from entering the bottle.

Can you get Thealoz duo gel on prescription?

Thealoz Duo Gel is available on prescription or to purchase from major high street pharmacies and opticians.

Is Thealoz duo eye drops?

THEALOZ DUO contains a solution for administration on the eye or on contact lenses. THEALOZ DUO can be used when you have discomfort, stinging or irritation of the eye.

Who can use THEALOZ DUO?

Yes – Thealoz® Duo Dry Eye drops are compatible with the delicate surface of your eyes and can be used by people wearing any types of contact lenses. You can even place a drop of Thealoz® Duo in your contact lens before putting it in to provide long lasting comfort. 2.

Where is THEALOZ DUO made?

Made in France, Thealoz Duo is packaged in an innovative multi-dose, preservative-free bottle.

Where is Thealoz duo made?

What is Hyabak?

Hyabak is a hypotonic solution which addresses the hyperosmolarity of the tear film in chronic dry eye and effectively reduces symptoms. 1,2. Hyabak is clinically proven to relieve symptoms of dryness and grittiness, and provides long-lasting relief from eye discomfort and dryness.

How do you use THEALOZ DUO gel?

1 drop in each eye, from 4 to 6 times a day. THEALOZ DUO can be used when wearing contact lenses. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not touch the surface of the eye with the tip of the bottle.

Is THEALOZ DUO artificial tears?

Thealoz Duo is a specific type of contact-lens-safe artificial tears developed for patients with moderate to severe dry eyes.

Is Thealoz the same as Hyabak?

Thealoz Duo uses the same ABAK® container as Hyabak, ensuring consistent delivery. If you’re ready to find relief for your dry eyes this winter, stop in to your local Beyond Vision location and we’d be happy to help!

Can I use Hyabak everyday?

Dosage: 1 drop in each eye during the day as often as necessary. In contact lens-wearers: a drop on each lens when putting on and removing them and, also as often as necessary during the day.

How much does thealoz cost?

IMAGES Brand: Thealoz Thealoz Trehalose 3% 10 ml bottle 4.3 out of 5 stars37 ratings $29.50$29.50($29.50$29.50/ Count) Enhance your purchase Thealoz Trehalose 3% 10 ml bottle New (2) from $29.50& FREE Shipping.

Why choose thealoz® preservative free eye drops?

Thealoz ® preservative-free eye drops contain trehalose, a molecule that provides bio- and osmo-protection, helping to protect corneal cells and reduce inflammation in dry eye disease Thealoz is suitable for ALL types of dry eye disease.

What are the ingredients in thealoz?

Thealoz is a preservative-free eye drops solution for the management of dry eye symptoms. Its unique ingredient is a natural disaccharide, Trehalose.

What is trehalose in thealoz?

Thealoz contains trehalose 3% in a preservative-free eye drop formulation. Trehalose helps protect corneal cells from the osmotic stress of a dry eye environment, by regulating the movement of water across cell membranes, 1 stabilising the lipid bilayer 2 and preventing the denaturation of proteins under osmotic stress conditions 3,4.