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How do you get a NASCAR in GT5?

How do you get a NASCAR in GT5?

The NASCAR Series is an Extreme Series event obtainable at level 21. It requires the use of a NASCAR racecar, which can be either purchased for 500,000 Credits from the Dealership or won by completing all of Jeff Gordon NASCAR School, a Special Event, with gold.

Does Gran Turismo have F1?

Gran Turismo 7 includes over 400 cars in the base game, which is available to all who purchase GT7. Unfortunately, though, that doesn’t include any official Formula 1 cars. This is despite GT7 having all of the cars and circuits that were in Gran Turismo Sport at the end of the game’s life.

What are the new races in GTA 5?

There are seven new street races included in the update:

  • Back at the Rancho.
  • Beachfront Runner.
  • Country Pursuits.
  • High Society.
  • Home Sweet Home.
  • The Business End.
  • Up Your Alley.

Does Gran Turismo 7 have f1 tracks?

Is there F1 in GT7? While there have been Formula 1 cars in most of the previous Gran Turismo releases, they do not feature in GT7.

What is the next NASCAR video game?

NASCAR 21: Ignition will receive a 2022 season expansion, a new Switch game will follow and NASCAR 23 will be the next console release based upon new technology.

What is the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue?

The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue gives you an online-enabled sampler of the GT5 experience. Monopoly Madness Breaks Ground on Nintendo Switch!

What cars can you use in the Daytona race?

As of Spec 2.0, you can also use one of the following cars: Just choose one of the Nascar Cars from Chevrolet, Ford, or Toyota. For the Daytona Race switch off *EVERYTHING*, even the ABS, maintain a line with the right wheel slightly to the right of the guide line.

How do I get a NASCAR car?

If you haven’t done them yet, go to the Jeff Gordon NASCAR School and complete the Level 21 tests. Once you score Gold medals in all three tests, Jeff will give you a FREE NASCAR vehicle! This saves you from having to pay $500,000 at the New Dealership. Unfortunately, due to NASCAR restrictions, all NASCARS need to have the same weight and speed.

Was GT5 really that bad?

4 10/18 11:24AM gt5 was not a bad game, even the menu was not bad, i would buy remaster of this completeboy 16 9/7 9:50PM help my b-spec driver is an idiot