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Can I use dining dollars at POD market UTK?

Can I use dining dollars at POD market UTK?

Dining Dollars essentially function just like cash at any of the on-campus dining locations. For example, Dining Dollars can be used at the POD markets, the restaurants in the Student Union and more.

How much is Utd meal plan?

UT Dallas Dining Meal Plan Overview

Meal Plan Cost Per Meal Average Walk-In Rate at DHW
Comet 19 $6.54 $11.00
Comet 14 $7.62 $11.00
Comet 10 $9.80 $11.00

How many meal swipes a day UTK?

Most first-year students have the 7-Day Access Dining Plan that includes three meal swipes a day and $300 dining dollars. You can use meal swipes during breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any dining hall or use the special meal equivalency feature at dining locations on campus, increasing your options.

Can you use Flex at a dining hall UTK?

No, only your VolCard account can be used at off-campus merchants. Dining Dollars and Flex Plan Dollars are specifically used for Volunteer dining restaurants and retail dining locations on campus.

Do UT dorms have kitchens?

Distinct perks for residents include spacious rooms with large closets, well-furnished communal kitchens and across-the-street proximity to Kinsolving’s dining facilities.

What is the cost for room and board at UTD?

UT Dallas Living Expenses

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $11,762 $11,474
— Housing $7,442
— Meals $4,090
Other Living Expenses $3,790 $4,922

How does the meal money work?

Meal Money is an allotment of “money” associated with the traditional meal plans that is used just like a debit card in the dining hall and retail dining locations on campus. They can be used only for food and expire at the end of each semester.