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Are there any MLB left-handed catchers?

Are there any MLB left-handed catchers?

The last left-handed catcher to play in the big leagues was Benny Distefano, who caught three games for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1989. Before Distefano, there had only been a handful: Jack Clements, Dale Long and Mike Squires to name a few.

How many MLB catchers have been left-handed?

The Last left-handed throwing catcher to play the position was Benny Distefano who caught 3 games in 1989 for Pittsburgh. Through the 2008 season there have been 236 catchers (primary career position) who batted left-handed (out of the 1,693 career catchers). Of the 236 bat left catchers 225 threw right-handed.

Who was the last left-handed throwing catcher?

Benny Distefano
Benny Distefano, who played first base and pitched for Lafayette High School (1978-80), is the last left-handed throwing catcher to have played in the major leagues.

Why are there so few left-handed catchers?

1. Left-handed throws to second base are adversely affected by right-handed hitters. Controlling the running game is important, and the majority of plate appearances come with a right-hander at the plate. So the assumption is that “throwing through the batter” negatively affects the catcher’s accuracy.

Are there any lefty shortstops?

While right-handed throwers can be found at any of the nine positions on a baseball field, left-handers are, in practice, restricted to five of them. You won’t find a lefty at catcher, second base, shortstop or third base.

Has there ever been left-handed infielders?

Tom Chism, a left-handed first baseman who had some good years at the plate in the minors, made his major league debut under similar circumstances as a “shortstop.” Orioles manager Earl Weaver put Chism on his lineup card at shortstop, batting second, on September 13, 1979, at Toronto, and after Chism flied out, Kiko …

Why can’t lefties play 3rd base?

You are right on that lefties should not play baseball shortstop or 3rd base. The only positions lefty baseball players should play are pitcher, firstbase and outfield positions. The problem is that so few players can play shortstop and third base there is a supply and demand problem.

Why do left handers not play shortstop?

A catcher and shortstop’s mobility is limited by being left-handed. While a right-handed thrower will naturally be in the position to get the ball where it needs to be, a left-handed thrower’s awkward range of motion and form adds precious milliseconds to a play in a game where every tiny thing counts.

Can a lefty play shortstop?

You are right on that lefties should not play baseball shortstop or 3rd base. The only positions lefty baseball players should play are pitcher, firstbase and outfield positions.

Who are the best catchers in MLB?

Yadier Molina. One of the best catchers in the game of baseball since his arrival in 2004 is the potential future Hall of Famer Yadier Molina.

  • Gary Sanchez.
  • Yasmani Grandal.
  • Christian Vazquez.
  • Mike Zunino.
  • Buster Posey.
  • Will Smith.
  • Willson Contreras.
  • J.T.
  • Salvador Perez.
  • Why are there no left handed catchers in baseball?

    This may offend traditionalists, but in most cases, bunts are irrational and will likely disappear from the game. If so, this is an increasingly minor problem for a left-handed catcher. Another reason there are no leftie catchers is the belief that they will be unable to manage head-on collisions at the plate.

    Are there any left handed catchers in Major League Baseball?

    Yes, there have been left-handed THROWING catchers. A total of 30 in MLB history. Last time a left-handed THROWER played as many as five games at catcher in a season was 1905. In the modern era, there have been three. They totaled 9 2/3 innings behind the plate spanning seven games.

    Who is the shortest left handed pitcher in MLB?

    When his pro career ended in 1892 after 178 appearances, he had amassed a lifetime record of 83-77 with an ERA of 3.33 in 1,442 innings. The shortest pitcher of the modern era, 5’4″ Dennis John (Dinty) Gearin had an equally short career.